Thursday, June 18, 2015

Entry #87: Power of Words

The thing I've learned about life is no amount of explanation is enough if nobody is going to believe you. Words cannot prove anything unless another is willing to sit down and listen. People will talk, people will see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe in. Even if you are the victim, people will paint you as the villain. Just because you are less vocal, people think that your feelings don't matter. At the end of the day, people only see what you portray and they rarely make an effort to look beyond that. They say, silent sacrifices are what matters but what are the chances that people will notice it even if you waited patiently. Life is not a movie scene, no cameras will record what you've done behind the scenes. You know how in movies they'll always flashback to the parts where the main characters are staring lovingly into each other's gaze while the second main character is looking from afar in the background? How the second main character always appear when the main character needs it most, how umbrellas will miraculously appear out of nowhere when it's raining and how you get a free ticket to the concert that you've been dying to see? You may think that it's mere coincidence but trust me, it's not. I've watched it in movies, I know.

As opposed to the movies, I can't say the same about reality.
Silent sacrifices are not like those in the movies. In reality, silent sacrifices are those little things.
Those times when you're there for them when they're sad, those times when you give them a hug when they need it most, those times when you listened to them go on and on with their problems even if you're really busy with other things, those times when you trusted them when everyone don't, those times when you ask them if they're home safely and those times when you give them words of advice just because you're worried about them.

These little things often go unnoticed and that's okay because we did all these things out of our own free will.
But you know what's the worse part?
The worse part is when people only see your faults.
When they don't bother to listen to your explanation.
When they blindly assume the rumors to be true.
When they put all the blame on you.
It's ironic to think about it sometimes.
How much you've done for a person, only to be shunned aside like you're a speck of dust in the air.

You'll be surprised at how long a person know you and yet how little they really know about you.
The first time it happens, it really kills you inside.
The second time it happens, you'll start thinking maybe it's really you.
The third time it happens, you really don't care anymore because there's only so much you can take in.
I'm sure you've heard of this before but yeah,
"Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't deserve to be an issue in your life"

Live with one rule in your life.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" -Dr. Seuss

Don't drown yourself in the words of others.
They don't define you.
Don't lose yourself in the thoughts of others,
They don't know you.
Don't change yourself for the sake of others,
They are not you.

Kai Wen Chim

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