Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Entry #82: Change.

Dear loyal readers,
As we welcome the arrival thursday, I vow to keep these 6 promises I make to myself for the next four months. This is shall be my overly delayed resolutions.
Yes, New Year and Chinese New Year is over but it's never a bad time to make a change for a better lifestyle. After all, the only bad decision is to decide to stay as it is and not make a change at all.
Here's the six simple things that I would like to change about my lifestyle and the goals I would like to achieve:
1. To exercise regularly (at least twice a week). I'm not setting unrealistic goals like getting 6 packs anymore because I'll only get disappointed when I don't and then I'll just give up. Not to mention the fact that, I love to eat.
2. To find a part time job and book my flight to Australia for the upcoming semester break.
3. To update my blog regularly. (at least twice a week)
4. To maintain my grades.
5. To drink more water and eat more fruits. Cause I have this problem with constipation and piles.
6. To stay disciplined throughout this four months and accomplish all of the goals above.
These six things may seem like it's a very simple task but between juggling studying, working, exercising and maintaining a social life, it can get tricky.
I guess here's to a slow start of my final attempt to blog and record the everyday details of my life.
Let's hope I succeed this time around !

Kai Wen Chim.

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