Saturday, January 3, 2015

Entry #82 : Highlights of 2014

Hello dear readers that I've long abandoned but never once forgotten.
First off, I'm really sorry for not uploading for well over half a year?
It's really my fault for not finding the time to write a post or rather for delaying the post until I forget altogether what I initially intended to write.
Anyways, today I'll just write an annual recap or highlight of the year.
Truth be told, 2014 has been a really amazing year for me.
I'll summarize the entire 2014 in awhile but first, how are you readers doing?
Hopefully, 2014 turned out great for you guys too.
Regardless of 2014 being a bad year or a good year, we can always learn from it.
So even if it's bad, just know that it'll get better.
Who knows, maybe 2015 will be your year *smiles*
Moving on to the highlights of the year, 2014 was amazing for me because I've met a really amazing guy, I've successfully landed an internship I wanted, I've had some really great times travelling with the girls, I've learnt to accept myself and most importantly, I became a better person.
I'll be dividing the post into four parts since it's practically impossible to sum up an entire year in a single post and I know even if I tried, I'll probably give up halfway because it's too long and tedious.
Since slow and steady wins the race, I'll do this one at a time.
The posts will be divided to a make-up essentials post, travel post, ootd post, food review Pt.1 and food review Pt.2. 2014 may have been a great year overall but in terms of health and fitness, it's average or maybe slightly below average. I've been eating so much, I think my eating capacity increased and my fitness level decreased. Because I spend too much time eating, I have no time to exercise. I do dance at least once a week though. If that counts.

Talking about self-acceptance, I am slowly accepting the fact that I am entering adulthood in eight more months and not long later, I'll hear kids calling me an auntie. Actually, some random kid already called me an auntie when I was in the bank two days ago. FML. Do I look that old? I DID say I'm accepting the fact that I'm entering adulthood but being an adult is far from being an auntie ok. 
As much as I enjoyed my teenage years sneaking into clubs, hanging out in mamak all night, playing pool in broad daylight, cafe hopping every other day without having to worry about anything other than not having enough allowance to spend, I actually look forward to seeing how my twenties will turn out. Although I am slightly reluctant to grow old, it's inevitable and I'm not going to sit around looking back when I can look forward and make the best of it. Never let your life pass you by because life has so much more to offer. The trick is to enjoy every moment because in every moment there is a new experience to discover. 

Moving back to the highlights of the year, 

In the beginning of the year, my friends and I were in the phase where we go on hikes rather frequently and the funniest thing during the hikes were that I'm always among the first to give up.
When we reach the first stop, I'll be panting and resting and then I'll start talking about dim sum as motivation to climb back down.

This is a lie. (Everyone is smiling happily)

This is the real deal. (We are tired) 

This is dimsum a.k.a motivation 

This is the view that makes it all worth it

This is the view that makes you bang your head onto the rock because there's no view at all.  

All you see is random people posing to take pictures.

First word of advice? 

Second word of advice?
Be extra careful when it's raining or when it rained in the morning because the soil is still wet and slippery. Difficulty level greatly increased and possibility of leaving with bruises is rather high in such cases.

2014 was also a year filled with plenty of goodbyes.
This tiny girl over here left for Melbourne

and this caveman over here left for Melbourne 2

But both of them are back now so all this good.

For my 20th Birthday, a few of my bestfriends dropped by to surprise me when I was just about to watch anime in my room. They definitely caught me off guard and there goes the first successful surprise in my life. I really appreciate the balloons with embarrassing pictures and thoughtful words attached below. In case you all don't already know, I'm really blessed to have bestfriends like you guys.

Also planned this birthday celebration with a few of my section 4 classmates for our boss right here.

When I think about it, it is rather funny how we dressed up in pajamas and walked to Sunway Pyramid, attracting views everywhere we go.
But what is life without a few embarrassing moments right?
And doing embarrassing things is not something unusual in my life since 1994.
It's times like these that we remember a lifetime.

Finally attended Jay Chou's concert for the first time, ticking one item off my bucketlist.
Listening to him is like reliving all my childhood memories. Except for his rap songs cause I really don't understand a word.
It was definitely an unforgettable experience when everyone sings along together.
Only during times like these do we have a feeling of unity.

I guess overall 2014 was a year of parties, saying goodbyes, adventures, self-acceptance and finally, settling down and saying hello again.
Not to mention, growing fat.
Let's hope 2015 is a year of growing fit again.
But isn't that everyone's new year resolution?
Here's hoping it does come true ! Cheers !
Are you ready to usher the New Year's?

Kai Wen Chim

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