Sunday, March 2, 2014

Entry #79: The Sweater Weather Part 3

Happiness can mean alot of things or it can just mean a glass of wine, a shisha bong, good food and better company. 

 it can just mean lamb chop and chicken wings when you're tipsy.
Everything literally tastes like the best shit ever when you're a little cuckoo up there. 


Are you drooling now?

People often think of happiness as a destination but the truth is, happiness is when you're content with what you have and when you see the beauty in now. I remember when I was young, I would watch fireworks through the eye of a lens because I'm worried that if I don't record it down, I won't remember the beauty of it all. Eventually after the firework display, I would stand at that exact spot, replay the video and ponder why I'm not happy. That scenario didn't happen once. It happened several times before I realize that, I should be enjoying the moment and bask in the happiness on the spot rather than worrying that the angle is not right, the view is not clear and not to mention ignore the tiredness of my arms. Do not be mistaken. I do love capturing moments as most things don't appear like how we remember it and it's good for sentimental purposes, it's just that sometimes when you're tired and lazy, you don't have to think so much, just enjoy the moment. It doesn't matter whether or not you post a picture on instagram today because at the end of the day, it's about YOU and not about them. Post if you want to. Post if it makes you happy. Do what makes you happy. 

Ombre Sweater: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Flats: Melissa x Vivienne Westwood divine pump in nude
Bag: Michael Kors
Bangles: Diva
Hairband and necklace: (unidentified )

(Excuse the bare face...)

A simple and cute number for the last edition to the sweater weather series.
This preppy school girl look will easily take off a few years from your actual age.
I call this final addition the girl in pink.
I can finally stop wearing sweaters in this hot weather and is it me or does it seem even more hazy lately?
Also, I know it's breezy at night but a piece of advice? 
Never ever EVER drink wine in a sweater when you're in Malaysia and in an open air space.
I feel like I'm an oven at 175 degrees celsius.
Not to mention, nobody wears sweaters to pubs.
It feels like I'm going to school more. Haha.
Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed the pictures from the sweater weather season ! 
Hopefully, you'll get some inspiration to style the sweaters that's collecting dust in your wardrobe.
Which look was your favourite? 
Vote below !
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I'll come up with a season two soon.
So stay tuned !


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