Friday, February 28, 2014

Entry #78: The Sweater Weather Part 2

Hello world ! 
I've had my monthly dose of pancakes so I'm happy (:

Actually, I have no idea why I'm wearing a sweater everywhere because truthfully, sweater weather simply don't exist in Malaysia. 
However, I stand by the saying 
"When life gives you lemons, Grab Tequila and Salt "
It has been awhile since wearing a sweater over a collared shirt became a trend.
I've even tried that before myself but let's admit it, under this excruciating heat and in this humid weather, wearing two layers of clothing is like being in a 6 hour sauna (with no breaks) that subsequently leaves you with smelly armpits. 
If you're looking for a more comfortable way of wearing a sweater, just accessorize accordingly.
From simple and casual to classy and elegant.
To most millennials, pearls may be old fashioned but seriously, pearls were a girl's best friend way before diamonds.
Furthermore, I genuinely think pearls add a touch of elegance to the outfit when it's paired appropriately.
So don't be afraid to experiment with new things.
Or maybe, dig out the old and make it new again like what I did.

Knitwear: H&M
Denim Shorts: Burberry
Bag: Prada
Heels: Kiss and Tell
Pearl Necklace/Bracelet/Ring: (unidentified)  

(Photo Credits: Regine Chan Po Vern )

Don't be limited by the opinions of others, 
be bold with your ideas,
experiment with everything,
flaunt your own personal style,
 let your character shine through 


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