Thursday, February 27, 2014

Entry #77: The sweater weather Part One

Have you ever heard of the Malay saying " hangat-hangat tahi ayam " ??
No, it does not mean hot hot chicken shit. 
Basically, it means one minute I'm interested in doing something and then the next minute, I give up.
I think all of us face this situation before whether we know it or not.
Especially when we were kids and we lack discipline and perseverance and we think that life is a bed of roses. 
People always say that we should do something that we love. We should do something we're passionate about. We should discover that one thing and then focus on it.
But that's the thing.
I am interested in way too many things.
When I was younger, I loved to draw. 
Then as I grew older, I fell in love with performing.
Eventually, I went all gung - ho about fitness.
Not long after, I'm interested in food blogging.
Now.... somehow I find myself drawn into the beauty and fashion line.
Yeah, I really don't know how long I would last.
I am completely clueless on how long I will keep this up as well.
But you know what, I will do it anyway.
If we never try, we'll never know right.
I admit, I'm greedy but this is my life and I want to spend my life learning all sorts of skills.
I do respect people who have a goal in mind.
I do respect their devotion to the field they're working towards. 
I want to be like that one day but until I find that one field that I'm going to stick with, I want to explore all the possibilities. 
I'm not gonna settle down until I'm sure of what I want so for now, just let me be.
Also, because of my newly sparked interest in beauty and fashion.
I'm starting a project just for fun. 
I'll be posting a three day series of ootd.
Each season will focus on one piece of clothing and the many ways I'll play around with it. 
So here's the Part one of Season One: The sweater weather.

Sweater: Roxy
Lace detail denim shorts: Padini
Flats: Melissa X Vivienne Westwood divine pump in nude
Bag: Prada 

Sometimes, no matter how hard we want to keep holding on,
we have to learn to let go.
Better things await us.


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