Friday, February 28, 2014

Entry #78: The Sweater Weather Part 2

Hello world ! 
I've had my monthly dose of pancakes so I'm happy (:

Actually, I have no idea why I'm wearing a sweater everywhere because truthfully, sweater weather simply don't exist in Malaysia. 
However, I stand by the saying 
"When life gives you lemons, Grab Tequila and Salt "
It has been awhile since wearing a sweater over a collared shirt became a trend.
I've even tried that before myself but let's admit it, under this excruciating heat and in this humid weather, wearing two layers of clothing is like being in a 6 hour sauna (with no breaks) that subsequently leaves you with smelly armpits. 
If you're looking for a more comfortable way of wearing a sweater, just accessorize accordingly.
From simple and casual to classy and elegant.
To most millennials, pearls may be old fashioned but seriously, pearls were a girl's best friend way before diamonds.
Furthermore, I genuinely think pearls add a touch of elegance to the outfit when it's paired appropriately.
So don't be afraid to experiment with new things.
Or maybe, dig out the old and make it new again like what I did.

Knitwear: H&M
Denim Shorts: Burberry
Bag: Prada
Heels: Kiss and Tell
Pearl Necklace/Bracelet/Ring: (unidentified)  

(Photo Credits: Regine Chan Po Vern )

Don't be limited by the opinions of others, 
be bold with your ideas,
experiment with everything,
flaunt your own personal style,
 let your character shine through 


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Entry #77: The sweater weather Part One

Have you ever heard of the Malay saying " hangat-hangat tahi ayam " ??
No, it does not mean hot hot chicken shit. 
Basically, it means one minute I'm interested in doing something and then the next minute, I give up.
I think all of us face this situation before whether we know it or not.
Especially when we were kids and we lack discipline and perseverance and we think that life is a bed of roses. 
People always say that we should do something that we love. We should do something we're passionate about. We should discover that one thing and then focus on it.
But that's the thing.
I am interested in way too many things.
When I was younger, I loved to draw. 
Then as I grew older, I fell in love with performing.
Eventually, I went all gung - ho about fitness.
Not long after, I'm interested in food blogging.
Now.... somehow I find myself drawn into the beauty and fashion line.
Yeah, I really don't know how long I would last.
I am completely clueless on how long I will keep this up as well.
But you know what, I will do it anyway.
If we never try, we'll never know right.
I admit, I'm greedy but this is my life and I want to spend my life learning all sorts of skills.
I do respect people who have a goal in mind.
I do respect their devotion to the field they're working towards. 
I want to be like that one day but until I find that one field that I'm going to stick with, I want to explore all the possibilities. 
I'm not gonna settle down until I'm sure of what I want so for now, just let me be.
Also, because of my newly sparked interest in beauty and fashion.
I'm starting a project just for fun. 
I'll be posting a three day series of ootd.
Each season will focus on one piece of clothing and the many ways I'll play around with it. 
So here's the Part one of Season One: The sweater weather.

Sweater: Roxy
Lace detail denim shorts: Padini
Flats: Melissa X Vivienne Westwood divine pump in nude
Bag: Prada 

Sometimes, no matter how hard we want to keep holding on,
we have to learn to let go.
Better things await us.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Entry #76: Until we meet again

I am turning twenty this year. 
Soon, those teenage years of fooling around, making bad decision, doing stupid things and then blaming it on youth would be over. 
Soon, those rebellious years where we go against our parents, sneaking into clubs, sleeping at ungodly hours and waking up skipping breakfast, brunch and lunch altogether would be over too.
Soon, those carefree days where the hardest decision to make is where to eat and what to order would be over as well.
Soon, we would be forced to grow up. 
However, for me, soon is still two years away. 
Two years...
Personally, I think it would pass in the blink of an eye if we don't make the best of it. 
I really do think that being eighteen, nineteen and twenty are very crucial years to lose yourself and rediscover yourself.
Those years are the years where we are finally given our freedom to act on our own will. 
However, freedom like all things good comes with a price tag. 
Be it a strained relationship with your parents, making bad friends, getting involved in messy situations or getting yourself a heartbreak.
Even if I knew all good things come with a cost, 
I wouldn't recommend you to just stay at home and rot because I believe by putting ourselves out there, we learn things that we cannot learn if we're always locked up in our comfort zone.
Only by going out of our comfort zone can we experience all the incredible things life has to offer. 
Yeah, we may fall and get bruised up but if we never try to stand back up after falling down when we were a toddler, we wouldn't be walking today. 
By walking, we get to where we are today. 
Step by step, day by day, life goes on.
Yeah, some days we feel like we can't live to see tomorrow.
Some days we feel like giving up.
But I'm telling you that things will get better. 
I'm also telling you don't waste your youth away.
Go out there and have fun.
Experience life at its best. 
Go on adventures that you would remember for a lifetime.
One day, live to tell your grandchildren or better yet, your great grandchildren of the stories when you were young, wild and reckless. 
Everyone wants a cool grandparent, right ;)
One more thing that I want to tell you is, learn. 
Always be on your feet.
Do something today that you would thank yourself for in the future. 
If you're going through a difficult time, turn your despair into strength.
Sometimes, I feel like I have so many things that I want to do but I can only do it one at a time.
If I were to continuously procrastinate like how I did the past two months, I would't get anywhere. 
I know it took me a very long time to do something with my holidays.
I know my holidays are coming to an end in around one month time and I didn't do anything productive so far but I know even if I could turn back time, I wouldn't make different choices. 
Yeah, I did tell myself that I would live a more fulfilling life this year. 
Also, I did take up classes at the beginning of the year and then took a one month break because I've been busy during Chinese New Year and also, after Chinese New Year.
I've been really busy after Chinese New Year.
Practically, I've been out the entire month since the start of Chinese New Year. 
I've sent away two of my closest friend to the country down under and those that were back for a break, went back too.
They are the reason why I've been busy the entire month and also the reason I am blogging now.
As much as I want to do something with my life, I value spending quality time with them even more.
My goals can always wait but sadly, my time with them is limited so no regrets.
We did some really stupid things together, we've seen part of each other that we never show anyone else and most importantly, we've had some really great time together. 

We may be countries apart now and you guys may not be anywhere near a hundred km radius anymore but like I said, I am like an unchanging tree, I will always be here and we have history together and seriously, nobody messes with history.

From going on late night drives to KL just because we feel like it.

To getting drunk in room 10319, receiving complaints from the neighbouring guests for being too noisy, puking all over the sink, the toilet floor AND the bath tub. And then leaving the room the next day with a dysfunctional iPhone 5S, remaining half a bottle of Absolut Vodka, a hotel room reeked of puke, essences of mamee chef (tom yum flavour) all over the bath tub and also, tips as a compensation for the cleaner that is cleaning up the mess we made. Oops, we did it again? 

To mastering the rules of Lepak 101 that mainly consist of playing pool followed by shisha followed by late night mamak sessions, impromptu drinking sessions, sleepovers and then waking up the next morning for dim sum.

To countering all the bad things we did by playing badminton and futsal.
To watching late night movie marathons.

To losing very embarrassingly in escape room. 
P.S : Lesson learnt. Do not think too highly of yourself, you are NOT Sherlock Holmes. DO. NOT. ENTER. THE. SLAUGHTER. ROOM. Trust me, just don't choose the room with a five star difficulty. It's a waste of time. It's one thing if you can solve one mystery of the five mysteries in the room, it's another thing to not solving anything at all without relying on clues. We left the room like complete idiots. I'm sure the people who worked there were secretly laughing at us through the CCTV when we were playing. Please ah, I would laugh at myself.

With every hello comes a goodbye but you know what? 
This time, I won't say goodbye because

Until we meet again,
Kevin Lim Jia Wei,
the caveman that calls me up at night because he's hungry.

Until we meet again,
Shannen Lee May May,
the small girl with big dreams and zero tolerance to alcohol.

Until we meet again, 
Tan Yin Bing,
my all time favourite karaoke partner.

Always remember the four Ls.
To learn, to live, to laugh and to love.
Stay strong.
If you guys need anything, I'm aways a Skype or Facetime away.
I would say Oovoo but I haven't create an account.
Love you all long time.

Officially missing you guys liao...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Entry #75: You are not alone.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the couples out there and if you're single and very much available like me. Let's write down our names and phone numbers on oranges and throw it into the river this Chap Goh Mei. Who knows, a guy might fish the oranges out. Pick a river of your choice but first, consider what kind of fishes you're trying to bait ;) Tilapia, Salmon, Tuna, Grouper, Trout or Sardines?  HAHA. I shall stop with the jokes but seriously, some guys really do fish the oranges out. True story, bro. I heard it from a friend.
Anyway, to say I'm alone this Valentine's Day is not exactly true but to say that I'm single this Valentine's Day is definitely true to the core once again.
Do I feel lonely?
Am I sad?
Do I want someone in my life?
Yes. BUT I've decided to wait instead of  desperately looking for one.
I believe good things happen to those who wait. 
Actually good things happen to those who wait AND fight but the fighting comes in the later part so let's just stick with wait for now. 

" You should give yourself plenty of time to grow before getting married"
I have to be honest, I AM growing. 
Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. Horizontally. NOT Vertically.

To all the happy couples out there, cherish your moments together and have a great Valentine's Day but don't give in to the capitalism of Valentine's Day and spend unnecessary angpau money on fancy gifts, overpriced dinners and overly expensive roses just because today is a special day. It's just a gimmick for nasty businessman to con your money. Everyday is a special day if you're with the one you love and there are other meaningful ways to put a smile on your partner's face. Trust me, sincerity wins over materialism. Hands down. 

To all the single ladies out there, 
don't let Valentine's Day pull you down. 
You are not alone.
You are very much loved.
You just have to look around.
You have girlfriends to get you through the day and everyday of your life.
Have faith and enjoy your freedom now ;)