Saturday, January 11, 2014

Entry #73: What does the mouse say?

If I were in a korean drama, I would be that clumsy girl that is extremely accident prone.
When I was young and I was in New Zealand for a holiday, we went Go Karting on the hill and due to my nature of loving the extreme side of life and enjoying the thrill of all things dangerous, I accelerated. I accelerated down the hill like a F1 racer on the tracks. And then.... my entire Go Kart flipped over and I was left on the side of the track, near the edge of the hill crying, waiting for my parents and brother who are far behind to save me. Thank God I didn't roll down the hill that day.
Then let's talk about the time when I had my driving test. Everyone calls this part the road test but you know what I call it ? THE ENTRANCE TEST. *jeng jeng jeng* 
After checking the car seats, rear mirror, side mirror, testing the wipers and wearing the seatbelt, I drove out of the academy and at the entrance, I was taking an awfully long time checking my left and right to exit. I waited and waited and waited and I single handedly caused a traffic jam in the academy and I started panicking. The pressure of people waiting for you to move is somewhat overwhelming. 
Right when I found my chance and I wanted to go, I.....
didn't get into the right gear AND....
the perodua stopped right in the middle of a two way road with my examiner on the passenger's seat.
We almost died. Once again, I Thank God I'm still here.
Obviously, after that failed attempt of leaving the academy properly, I didn't even have to take the road test, I already got a BIG FAT FAIL. Hence, the title THE ENTRANCE TEST.
The first day I drove after getting my license, I accidentally knocked my neighbour's side mirror but let's keep that between you and me
There wasn't a scratch on that car, I assure you. I just lightly brushed pass that car? 
And then there was that time in Taylor's Lakeside basement parking when I tried to drive up the ramp and I scratched my car with the FULL PARKING signboard.
I blame that on the inconsiderate Mazda that double parked in front of the ramp and gave me minimal space to drive up the ramp although it is also partly due to my lack of judgement but still.... 
It wouldn't happen if the Mazda wasn't there in the first place.
Finally, let's talk about today when I was rushing and I reversed my car and crashed a STATIONARY car. It's one thing to crash a car with a driver and it is another thing to crash a car with NO drivers at all.
And that car was my mom's client's car.
I really don't know where to hide my face sometimes.
I do some really stupid things and all I want is to dig a hole and hide inside.
To the couple whose car is now dented, I know you're never going to read this but I'M REALLY TRULY SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED. I didn't mean for it to happen.
From today onwards, I promise I will be more aware of my surroundings.
I promise I will drive safe and be a more responsible driver.
I'm sorry...


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