Friday, January 10, 2014

Entry #72: If I could, I would.

If I could, I would want to be an inspirational blogger.

I literally have a genuine passion for these things despite failing as a good role model.
I like talking about life and here's gonna be my take on the different issues in life but in a positive manner. 

I like positivity.
It fills me with hopes and dreams for the future and it revitalizes me.
One of the greatest lessons I've learnt in life is this.
Life is a constant climb
Life is not an elevator that would bring you to the top at the click of a button.
The harsh truth is, life is more of a staircase.
You have to climb your way to the top. 
In the beginning, you might find it difficult to start climbing at all.
To leave your comfort zone and to find the courage and strength  in you to just make that one small change. To do something with your life.
At the centre of all things is YOU.
Everything starts from within.
When you've made your decision to finally make a move
You would be motivated to sprint your way up.
Because what can I say, humans can be impatient.
Along the way, you might take a few steps back.
There might even be people pushing you down and you take another few steps back.
Eventually, you're tired and the thought of giving up is just so tempting.
But you persevere and you push yourself forward thinking about the view at the top.
And right when you're at the finishing line, something happens.
you might have to start all over again, you're right smack in the beginning once more. 
But you know what?
Just keep climbing.
Because every step is progress.
And every step backwards is a lesson learnt.
It prepares you for what is to come in the future and when you've reached the top, you're sure as hell ready to stay.

People often have this misconception that success just falls into your hands.
Truth be told, it really ain't so.
There will always be people ahead of us.
Just because we're intimidated by their existence isn't a valid reason to waste our lives away.
No matter how good we get, we're never gonna be the best forever.
It takes effort to be the best and even more effort to continue being the best.
Not to the mention the pressure you inflict on yourself to stay on top.
The view might be nice on top but is that really what you want.
Is it really worth it?
We don't really know that until we get there.
So for now, let's strive to be the best.
There might be people who have a head start but one day, 
with hard work, passion and perseverance,
we will get there. 
Don't ever be fooled that youth is always on your side because the next thing you know,
youth is slipping out of our fingertips with every passing second whether we want it or not.
Act now or forever hold you peace.


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