Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Entry #71: Reflections of 2013.

Hey guys,
I'm gonna save all the apologies and just start with the talking because if we really go down that road of I'm sorry... then we won't see the end of it and I won't ever start writing. 
I know for a fact that I haven't been writing for a very long time or at least, I haven't been updating regularly the past few months. 
I'm gonna fix that now.
It's the first day of 2014 and 2013 has been crazy.
Absolutely out of control.
Let's walk down memory lane together.
I believe it all started on the last day of 2012. 
I can't precisely explain how and why the four of us decided to just get together and roam the streets of Kuala Lumpur on that particular night of New Year's Eve but I would like to believe that it's because of the chains of fate and that God brought us together.
I could still vividly remember that night in the car we were sharing secrets, talking about life, laughing hysterically and pondering why we were never close before. 
Then we had dinner at Sukiya in Pavillion.
The stupidest thing we've done that night was paying the parking ticket and then left it there to magically disappear. Ironically, we paid for it but we walked away without it so we have pay for it. AGAIN. With additional charges. FOL. 
We left the parking lot and parked in an open space somewhere near Bukit Bintang and then walked aimlessly around looking for a golden spot for fireworks but we failed.
At twelve, we were still running around looking for a hole to have a clear view of the fireworks between the skyscrapers. We were breathless from the running but the fireworks were magically falling right above our heads and we were together. That night will always remain as one of the most cherished nights of my life.
After fireworks, we found ourselves at a quaint bar in the heart of KL to have a cup or two of drinks.
And that night, my friends, was where everything started. 
My endless nights at mamaks, my drunk moments at bars, shishaing too much, playing too hard and working too little.
Therefore, it doesn't come as a surprise that I didn't do very well for my A lvls examination and I did beat myself up about it for quite some time. For not scoring well and falling out of my expectations.
Regardless, one cannot live in the past and one must eventually move forward.
After all, life is about second chances and failing and then trying again.
So, I've moved on and enrolled myself in BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance at Taylor's Lakeside University two months upon graduation from Taylor's College Subang Jaya.
Funny thing is that even after learning the consequences of taking things a little too lightly, I am still repeating it. Laziness have a way of kicking in and when distractions and freedom come together, self control seems to find its way out the window. 
Despite all these fallen expectations, heartbreaks and failed attempts, I still wouldn't say that 2013 has been all bad.
2013 has been good. 2013 has been fun. 2013 has been adventurous. 2013 has been enlightening. 
2013 was a year of adventures, playing a fool and rediscovering myself.
Moreover, I made great friends in 2013 and I know this is not possible but best friends became even better friends almost to the point of inseparable. 
Truth be told, 2013 would have been nothing without them.
I love them to Pluto and back. because the moon is too mainstream and we're weird like that.

I'm thankful for having a bunch of friends that I could return to at the end of the day.

 I'm thankful for having people to listen to me when I need a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.
I'm thankful for the friends that came and never left.

I'm thankful to have met some really incredible people and made great friends.

I'm thankful for coming home to the warmth of a family.
I'm thankful for coming home to the comfort of food.

(sometimes, they're just so cute. I cannot.. )

I'm thankful for all the times I've been lost for I have found a sense of belonging.
I'm thankful for all the times my heart was broken for I have picked it up piece by piece and it is stronger now than ever.
I'm thankful for the bad decisions I've made, I've learnt to be wiser.
I'm thankful for having the privilege to eat what I want and buy what I need. 
I'm thankful for the safety and health of my family and my friends. 
I'm thankful for having God in my life and for having faith at difficult times.
I'm thankful for being able to see different parts of the world and experiencing different cultures.
I'm thankful for knowing there is a great big world out there to explore outside of our comfort zone.

(Make a wish upon the fountains.)


I'm thankful for being here.
I'm thankful for me.

For 2014, 
just like for every year,
I hope to get my priorities straight, work harder, live healthier and accomplish more.
Less drinking, less shisha and drive better.
Maybe this is another attempt of mine which turns up to be another failure. 
Who knows?
But you can't say i never try. 

Here's to a great 2014


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