Monday, January 13, 2014

Entry #74: Once in a lifetime.

Did I ever mention to you how screwed up my biological clock is and have you ever noticed I often post in the am rather than the pm?
I am more of a nocturnal than a diurnal ( yes, I googled this. diurnal isn't a common word k and it sounds like diuretics. Haha )
Hence, in an attempt to readjust my sleeping patterns and fix my biological clock to that of the majority of the human population, I started my sleep early-wake up early plan.
In all honesty, it is also partly due to the fact that I had a date with my bestfriend and she said 12.30pm doesn't mean one hour later and the fact that for the past week, I manage to be late for every single date I'm suppose to wake up for at anything before 2pm because I wake up at 1.30pm everyday without fail.
Today marks the first day of executing the plan and I would say the plan either failed terribly or succeeded too well.
First of all, I woke up before 8am and second of all, I rolled on the bed for the longest period of time before I fell asleep. I don't even wake up this early on days when I have classes. 
How is this humanly possible.
How did I even do this.
Oh wells, at least it's a good start. 
Maybe, I'll even stop being late for classes when the semester starts again if this keeps up. 
If you know me well, you would probably be laughing at me. About right now...
because I'm laughing at myself too.

In the end, I'm still late for the date but for now, let's just say that anything less than one hour late is not considered as late. Yes, I am probably lying to myself right now to make myself feel better.
But in all honesty, I still think it's a great improvement since I tried really hard to be on time today but the princess a.k.a Shannen Lee May May was taking her time getting ready and I had a hard time looking for parking.
Karaoke session at Loudspeaker, shopping at Sunway Pyramid, dinner at Thai Thai after much debate

and finally, supper...
My only excuse is YOLO?

My dates for the day.

It's been a long time since we've reunited like today.
Everyone is finally gathered at one place once more like old times.
I've missed them.
My brother will be back tomorrow night after almost a month long of holiday in the UK !
I've missed him too and I can't wait to pick him up at the airport :D


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Entry #73: What does the mouse say?

If I were in a korean drama, I would be that clumsy girl that is extremely accident prone.
When I was young and I was in New Zealand for a holiday, we went Go Karting on the hill and due to my nature of loving the extreme side of life and enjoying the thrill of all things dangerous, I accelerated. I accelerated down the hill like a F1 racer on the tracks. And then.... my entire Go Kart flipped over and I was left on the side of the track, near the edge of the hill crying, waiting for my parents and brother who are far behind to save me. Thank God I didn't roll down the hill that day.
Then let's talk about the time when I had my driving test. Everyone calls this part the road test but you know what I call it ? THE ENTRANCE TEST. *jeng jeng jeng* 
After checking the car seats, rear mirror, side mirror, testing the wipers and wearing the seatbelt, I drove out of the academy and at the entrance, I was taking an awfully long time checking my left and right to exit. I waited and waited and waited and I single handedly caused a traffic jam in the academy and I started panicking. The pressure of people waiting for you to move is somewhat overwhelming. 
Right when I found my chance and I wanted to go, I.....
didn't get into the right gear AND....
the perodua stopped right in the middle of a two way road with my examiner on the passenger's seat.
We almost died. Once again, I Thank God I'm still here.
Obviously, after that failed attempt of leaving the academy properly, I didn't even have to take the road test, I already got a BIG FAT FAIL. Hence, the title THE ENTRANCE TEST.
The first day I drove after getting my license, I accidentally knocked my neighbour's side mirror but let's keep that between you and me
There wasn't a scratch on that car, I assure you. I just lightly brushed pass that car? 
And then there was that time in Taylor's Lakeside basement parking when I tried to drive up the ramp and I scratched my car with the FULL PARKING signboard.
I blame that on the inconsiderate Mazda that double parked in front of the ramp and gave me minimal space to drive up the ramp although it is also partly due to my lack of judgement but still.... 
It wouldn't happen if the Mazda wasn't there in the first place.
Finally, let's talk about today when I was rushing and I reversed my car and crashed a STATIONARY car. It's one thing to crash a car with a driver and it is another thing to crash a car with NO drivers at all.
And that car was my mom's client's car.
I really don't know where to hide my face sometimes.
I do some really stupid things and all I want is to dig a hole and hide inside.
To the couple whose car is now dented, I know you're never going to read this but I'M REALLY TRULY SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED. I didn't mean for it to happen.
From today onwards, I promise I will be more aware of my surroundings.
I promise I will drive safe and be a more responsible driver.
I'm sorry...


Friday, January 10, 2014

Entry #72: If I could, I would.

If I could, I would want to be an inspirational blogger.

I literally have a genuine passion for these things despite failing as a good role model.
I like talking about life and here's gonna be my take on the different issues in life but in a positive manner. 

I like positivity.
It fills me with hopes and dreams for the future and it revitalizes me.
One of the greatest lessons I've learnt in life is this.
Life is a constant climb
Life is not an elevator that would bring you to the top at the click of a button.
The harsh truth is, life is more of a staircase.
You have to climb your way to the top. 
In the beginning, you might find it difficult to start climbing at all.
To leave your comfort zone and to find the courage and strength  in you to just make that one small change. To do something with your life.
At the centre of all things is YOU.
Everything starts from within.
When you've made your decision to finally make a move
You would be motivated to sprint your way up.
Because what can I say, humans can be impatient.
Along the way, you might take a few steps back.
There might even be people pushing you down and you take another few steps back.
Eventually, you're tired and the thought of giving up is just so tempting.
But you persevere and you push yourself forward thinking about the view at the top.
And right when you're at the finishing line, something happens.
you might have to start all over again, you're right smack in the beginning once more. 
But you know what?
Just keep climbing.
Because every step is progress.
And every step backwards is a lesson learnt.
It prepares you for what is to come in the future and when you've reached the top, you're sure as hell ready to stay.

People often have this misconception that success just falls into your hands.
Truth be told, it really ain't so.
There will always be people ahead of us.
Just because we're intimidated by their existence isn't a valid reason to waste our lives away.
No matter how good we get, we're never gonna be the best forever.
It takes effort to be the best and even more effort to continue being the best.
Not to the mention the pressure you inflict on yourself to stay on top.
The view might be nice on top but is that really what you want.
Is it really worth it?
We don't really know that until we get there.
So for now, let's strive to be the best.
There might be people who have a head start but one day, 
with hard work, passion and perseverance,
we will get there. 
Don't ever be fooled that youth is always on your side because the next thing you know,
youth is slipping out of our fingertips with every passing second whether we want it or not.
Act now or forever hold you peace.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Entry #71: Reflections of 2013.

Hey guys,
I'm gonna save all the apologies and just start with the talking because if we really go down that road of I'm sorry... then we won't see the end of it and I won't ever start writing. 
I know for a fact that I haven't been writing for a very long time or at least, I haven't been updating regularly the past few months. 
I'm gonna fix that now.
It's the first day of 2014 and 2013 has been crazy.
Absolutely out of control.
Let's walk down memory lane together.
I believe it all started on the last day of 2012. 
I can't precisely explain how and why the four of us decided to just get together and roam the streets of Kuala Lumpur on that particular night of New Year's Eve but I would like to believe that it's because of the chains of fate and that God brought us together.
I could still vividly remember that night in the car we were sharing secrets, talking about life, laughing hysterically and pondering why we were never close before. 
Then we had dinner at Sukiya in Pavillion.
The stupidest thing we've done that night was paying the parking ticket and then left it there to magically disappear. Ironically, we paid for it but we walked away without it so we have pay for it. AGAIN. With additional charges. FOL. 
We left the parking lot and parked in an open space somewhere near Bukit Bintang and then walked aimlessly around looking for a golden spot for fireworks but we failed.
At twelve, we were still running around looking for a hole to have a clear view of the fireworks between the skyscrapers. We were breathless from the running but the fireworks were magically falling right above our heads and we were together. That night will always remain as one of the most cherished nights of my life.
After fireworks, we found ourselves at a quaint bar in the heart of KL to have a cup or two of drinks.
And that night, my friends, was where everything started. 
My endless nights at mamaks, my drunk moments at bars, shishaing too much, playing too hard and working too little.
Therefore, it doesn't come as a surprise that I didn't do very well for my A lvls examination and I did beat myself up about it for quite some time. For not scoring well and falling out of my expectations.
Regardless, one cannot live in the past and one must eventually move forward.
After all, life is about second chances and failing and then trying again.
So, I've moved on and enrolled myself in BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance at Taylor's Lakeside University two months upon graduation from Taylor's College Subang Jaya.
Funny thing is that even after learning the consequences of taking things a little too lightly, I am still repeating it. Laziness have a way of kicking in and when distractions and freedom come together, self control seems to find its way out the window. 
Despite all these fallen expectations, heartbreaks and failed attempts, I still wouldn't say that 2013 has been all bad.
2013 has been good. 2013 has been fun. 2013 has been adventurous. 2013 has been enlightening. 
2013 was a year of adventures, playing a fool and rediscovering myself.
Moreover, I made great friends in 2013 and I know this is not possible but best friends became even better friends almost to the point of inseparable. 
Truth be told, 2013 would have been nothing without them.
I love them to Pluto and back. because the moon is too mainstream and we're weird like that.

I'm thankful for having a bunch of friends that I could return to at the end of the day.

 I'm thankful for having people to listen to me when I need a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.
I'm thankful for the friends that came and never left.

I'm thankful to have met some really incredible people and made great friends.

I'm thankful for coming home to the warmth of a family.
I'm thankful for coming home to the comfort of food.

(sometimes, they're just so cute. I cannot.. )

I'm thankful for all the times I've been lost for I have found a sense of belonging.
I'm thankful for all the times my heart was broken for I have picked it up piece by piece and it is stronger now than ever.
I'm thankful for the bad decisions I've made, I've learnt to be wiser.
I'm thankful for having the privilege to eat what I want and buy what I need. 
I'm thankful for the safety and health of my family and my friends. 
I'm thankful for having God in my life and for having faith at difficult times.
I'm thankful for being able to see different parts of the world and experiencing different cultures.
I'm thankful for knowing there is a great big world out there to explore outside of our comfort zone.

(Make a wish upon the fountains.)


I'm thankful for being here.
I'm thankful for me.

For 2014, 
just like for every year,
I hope to get my priorities straight, work harder, live healthier and accomplish more.
Less drinking, less shisha and drive better.
Maybe this is another attempt of mine which turns up to be another failure. 
Who knows?
But you can't say i never try. 

Here's to a great 2014