Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Entry #70: YOLO day.

A day in the park, a second time watching frozen, shisha and mamak in ABC and to end the night, we're back at the crime scene of Kevin and Shannen's puke in Scott Garden.
It's really funny how I'm exactly one day away from my last exam of the semester and I'm so laid back.
I spent the entire morning from 12am-5am to watch taiwanese drama and then at 11am, Regine and Ming Li barged into my room and abruptly end my sleep.
The expression on my face when I wake up is priceless man.
All the dreamy good morning kisses and breakfast in bed scene on television are all lies.
Nobody looks good and most importantly, NOBODY smells good when they just wake up.
We're only human.
Anyway, after waking up, I was so blur that I just walked passed Regine when she hacked my facebook and wrote this.
Followed by a series of adorable pictures of all things related by my aunt and uncle.

I'm not done yet.
There's even a
 pig bride.

Look at the culprit that can still act stupid and comment there.
She literally made me panic for nothing.
There I was, worried to death someone hacked my account.

On the way to Setia City Mall.
What better way to kill time than to camwhore.
It makes good instagram materials and a better way to kill time.
I love car rides with great laughters.
Somehow, the stupidest conversations always take place in the car.

Serious driver is serious.

Regardless, I had a great day by the park at Setia City Mall with Regine and Ming Ming camwhoring shamelessly at the abandoned park.
Everyday is a good day to dress up, feel good and snap beautiful pictures.
Everyday is a great day when I'm with my girls.

The scene right out of Titanic. 
On land.

What lunch looks like.

After lunch and some shopping, we watched frozen for the second time and this time, I sang along to the lyrics as if I wasn't in the cinema.
The lady next to me looked at me funny.
Frozen is so good, I loved every part of it. 
Elsa is perfection.

After the movie, we made our way back home, removed all traces of powder and make up on our face, removed our make up, changed our clothes and ultimately, reverted back to our true nature.
If a man can love a face like this, that man must be THE man. Haha. 
Headed over to ABC mamak for our usual shisha session and then an impromptu decision to drink in Scott Garden.
This is by far, the most unglam moment for all six of us in Scott Garden.

All the girls.

All the self declared boys.

All six in tshirts, flip flops and bare face.
Except maybe, Kevin.
Cause at the end of the night, I helped him doll up and applied lipstick all over his face.

Joke of the night.
While we were at our table drinking beer and Lysha's usual urge to steal Christmas balls kick in.

*looks at Christmas tree*
Lysha: *points at Christmas tree* Can I have a ball ?...
Waiter: *shows a sign of surprise and the quickly covers up* You want my ball can, that ball cannot.
*everyone bursts out in laughter*

I'm sorry I delayed the post.
It is completely unintentional.
It was a pretty hectic week. 
I shall post again in awhile (: 
Merry Christmas, all !
Keep faith close to your heart and celebrate our great saviour's birth !

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