Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Entry #69: To live young, reckless and free.

Despite several turn of events, last minute change of plans and all the odds turning against us, we've found our way to Sepang International Circuit safe and sound.

To start things off, there's always the pre rave tradition of drinking in the carpark and we make no exception except maybe this time, there was gin that I shamelessly stole from home mixed with hundred plus which ends up tasting like antibiotics. #notborntobeamixologist 
On the other hand, we have apple cider to save our tastebuds from the awful aftertaste of antibiotics. 
Thank God for Apple cider.

The bestfriend, Lyshalok and I

Left to right: Ming Ming, my noob drinking partner. Sha, the bestfriend. Me.
The three of us.
With the two of them, it's always a good time.
Except maybe, for the time when Ming drank a little too much, puked the entire time after entering the arena for Wicked and we had to leave even before Axwell started playing Centre of the Universe.
Thank God history did not repeat itself this time.

After getting our fair share of alcohol, we made our way into the Sepang International Circuit, walked back and forth from the Star Arena to the Green Stage, visited the toilet once and finally decided to camp ourselves right in front of the Star Arena. 

First off, there was EXAMPLE.

At this point we were still in the middle of the arena and we were just warming up when an anorexic bear (basically, my friends relate anorexic bear to thin guys that I meet in clubs) started dancing next to me, introducing himself and offering to get me drinks. 
Here's what I summed up from dancing next to him for around twenty minutes, he's from penang, he's flying to Bangkok the next day ( I think... ) he loves W&W and he has a shirt that says I'm really, really, really sorry. 
The hidden meaning behind the shirt would be, I'm really, really, really sorry, Guetta but I'm really here for W&W. 
He's a nice guy and he helped me solve the mystery to why people wear sunglasses at night. 
It IS called SUNglasses for a reason right and there's no sun at night. 
Here's the answer to the mystery....
*jeng jeng jeng*
Apparently !
When you wear sunglasses to rave parties, the special effects will miraculously disappear. Like magic.
I was impressed. 
Sorry la, I'm a noob at these rave parties. 
And I bet some of you didn't know either.
Don't lie ;)

Next up, we have REHAB.

I actually really enjoyed his stage. 
We were right smack in front of the stage at this time to await for the arrival of W&W.
We were like a flock of sheep in an overcrowded pen surrounded by the smell of armpit, entertained by the overly high partygoers that dance like chickens and accompanied by the orgasmic music to our ears. At the end of the stage by REHAB, NERVO joined in as well and they popped two bottles of moet on the stage and the moment when the MOET rained down on us was just priceless.
Also, the occasional blow of air cond from the ceiling never fail to get the crowd hyped up.
In an overcrowded area where all of us are drenched in sweat from actively dancing and practically deprived of oxygen, that blow of air cond literally feels like heaven. 
Not exaggerating. 

Last but not least, the crème de la crème, the foei grass of the night, the one we've all been waiting for.
Willem van Hanegem & Wardt van der Harst.

Not only do they produce good music but they're also so incredibly cute.
Half dying, I was right in front of the stage in a state of euphoria, looking straight at their faces, basking in their cuteness and enjoying the music they've produced. 
It's incredible that everyone unites at a rave, singing the same lyrics of the song and dancing to the same beat. 
It's a different kind of experience compared to the times we party in a club and in arave, we'll meet several other 'rakan sekampung' that just wants to have fun. 
By the end of the stage, I died. Totally K.O.
No wonder people don't go for rave early.
Three hours is enough to kill you.
You'll literally go home with a backache from partying. 
But it was all worth it.

After all, we only have one chance to live young, reckless and free.

One of the most ironic thing that happened that night was during our walk to the carpark. 
On the left hand side, the guy was insulting us as if we don't understand English. 
He was laughing at us for walking hand in hand and for walking funny which I have to justify, we did not. He was probably high. 
On the right hand side, there was a guy named FUNka that shamelessly stalks my bestfriend, stares at her, confesses his love for her FOUR TIMES and then splash water on us. 
That's pretty ironic. 

I'm thankful for the stressful days as it has taught me to party even harder when it ends. 


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