Saturday, December 7, 2013

Entry #68: Be the change you want to see.

One more day to exams and I was dragged by the brother to shop in Pavillion. 
It's ironic how I bought a formal shirt after I'm done with my presentation.
Oh well, there's always a future value? Many more presentations coming my way in the future.
Talking about my first and last presentation this year, I was aiming for a 5/5 for my appearance but sadly, I was only scored 4/5.
My skirt was too short *bangs my head against the wall repeatedly* 
Should have just been more conservative and wore long pants instead. 
I guess, Sexy ain't the way for presentations *winks* 
Lesson learnt.

Anyways, let's go back to my day in Pavillion.
Here's what happened
there were two japanese ladies in front of me waiting in the queue for an unoccupied cubicle.
One of them found an unoccupied cubicle next to her, leaving the other lady outside, at the front of the queue, still waiting.
While she was waiting and as one of the cubicle door was pushed open, another lady who didn't queue up barged into the cubicle.
The japanese lady was clearly agitated and genuinely surprised by that lady's behaviour. 
she started calling out to the lady. In japanese. 
Sadly, her efforts were left unnoticed.
And then, it happened. Again.  
Someone went into another cubicle before her and she was left speechless this time.
So when the next cubicle was empty, I notified her about it and she said thank you. In japanese. 
My point of telling this story is not how much of a saint I am but this.
Don't you think these behaviours that we, Malaysians exhibit leave a very bad impression on tourists? 
When we were in school, we were taught common courtesy.
We were informed to be civilised and to practice good will. 
We were educated to queue up.
And we DID start off queuing up.
But eventually, because the situation repeats itself time and time again.
We were influenced and we gave up on trying to be good. 
Instead of doing what is right, we act according to the crowd. 
We eventually forget what is common courtesy. 
I don't want to say this because it isn't very pleasant but this is slowly, becoming a culture in our country. 
These little acts is what non-Malaysians will judge us by.

As a fellow Malaysian, I am ashamed of the behaviours of our people but that doesn't mean I give up on my country.
I do love my country and I do believe that we could change but first, we must be the change we want to see. 

After all, according to hawthorne studies, group factors significantly affect individual behaviour. ( If you don't understand, ignore me. Management exam is coming up this coming tuesday. LOL. )
If one starts to queue up in the toilet, the next person will follow. 
And if the next person follows, more and more people will follow and gradually the problem will disappear. 
We must practice this in our daily lives.
Be the change you want to see.
Queue up.
Politely tell those who are ignorant of their wrongdoings off.
Practice courtesy.
Be civilised. 
Be a responsible Malaysian. 

Christmas is coming !

Oversized Line character.

Top: Bershka
Bottoms: Forever 21
Bag: Prada
Flip Flops: Nike

Mom & I 

Mrs Bones says goodnight ! 


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