Sunday, December 1, 2013

Entry #67: Back to December

One day, in the hair saloon, I heard a girl frantically talking to her friend about how time literally flew by this year and how nobody understands it but to be honest, I was dying to shout out " I GET IT, WE. ALL. GET. IT. " Time is moving fast, life is passing by, we're all getting older and maybe, hopefully, a little wiser. It still feels like yesterday was the first day I entered university, ready to start anew, to take on the world once more ( or maybe.... in this case, the lake ), with completely no idea where this journey will bring me and here I am now, one week away from the finals and literally no idea what I've learnt the past three months. I am grateful that I have met some really amazing people throughout the past three months. I have extremely helpful classmates that eventually became very supportive friends. The past three months I have lived everyday trying to keep up with the world around me that along the way, I played a little too hard and took things a little too easy. Here I am now, picking up the pieces one by one, getting back on my feet and setting my priorities straight. Life may not seem like a bed of roses right now, my heart may have grown a little too tired, things don't seem to be looking up anytime soon either but then again, this will pass. Just like how time passes us by, these weary times will pass and everything will be okay again. Stay strong, have faith, put a smile on your face and just keep swimming. 

We're finally back to December again.
Last year, December was not one of my most memorable month of the year.
Taylor Swift was singing how she wants to go back to december when I dread even the idea of going back to December.
This December, Let's do things a little differently.
Let's get our shit together. 
First, Study hard and then Party harder ;) 

Let's end the year with beautiful memories ;)
Happy December !


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