Sunday, October 13, 2013

Entry #65: Italy Day One.

The first look of Italy in pictures.
On the plane.

Cute or not.
Mom's attempt at camwhoring.


Duomo Il Milano.

Dancing with the pigeons.

She's getting better at camwhoring than me.

Tumpang glamour.


Justine Bieber and One Direction has taken over Italy too.  

Okay, so I went all the way to Verona, Italy and visited Juliet in hopes of good fortune in love.
Actually, not really that but I chanced upon it and was swept away by the crowd and influenced on the spot and also, I really do need some luck in my love life. LOL.

Seriously though, Juliet's boobs were so badly damaged from all the abusing that a hole appears in the middle of her right side boob?

While I was snapping this photo, this lady that sounded very much American sneered at me, said " Do you really have to do that? Are you serious ? " and then she walked away.
I have no idea why I just stood there and laugh like a stupid person. LOL.
I should have just said " Yes, I'm asian"
And seriously, if one has nothing nice to say, one does not have to say anything.
Especially to a stranger.

Sorry for the delay but I hope you liked the photos.

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