Sunday, October 6, 2013

Entry #64: Random Updates

This has been on my mind for quite some time but I just couldn't find the right time to post it so here it is:
Driving tips from a Noob in Malaysia.
Only applicable to Auto cars and to new drivers.
ONE, the car will move even without pressing the accelerator.
TWO, do not press the car accelerator completely, it's NOT Daytona or Initial D or Mario Kart in arcades ( yes, I pressed the accelerator completely the first time I drove and Thank God the hand break is not down )
THREE, always stay at the left hand side of the road when you're driving on a two way road. That's your side.
FOUR, Ignore those that HONS you on the road BUT learn from the it. Do not look over at the people that is clearly pissed, unethical and impatient that stares at you and shows you the middle finger. Pretend like you didn't see them. DO NOT GET AGITATED.
FIVE, Drive often. That's the key to get better. When it comes to driving, practical is more important than theory.
Don't worry, you will get better.

The above is the few important pointers I would like to share as a new driver myself last year.
The truth is, the longer you don't drive, the scarier it gets because you're haunted by the fear and not the actual level of danger out on the road.
Practice to drive safe, be patient, analyze well and make wise decisions, you'll get better. It's really not that difficult. 
Plenty of old wise men/women once said Practice makes perfect and I'm saying it again, Practice DOES make perfect.

Here are also some of the funny photos on fitness I've found on instagram over the days when I was still very much a fitness enthusiast and before i took a break.

I hope you either laughed or find my driving tips useful !
I'll update on my trip in Milan tomorrow (:
Stay tuned 
and goodbye for now.
K.W. Chim.

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