Saturday, October 5, 2013

Entry #63: I'm shameless but thankful.

Today is a very shameless slash cheapskate slash fortunate slash fun kind of day.

My reaction when I first found out about the event.

So it's called TW(EAT)

And so, I started TW(EAT)-ING.
All day long from 3pm onwards.

Okay, before that, let me get this clear first.
The terms to collect your free samples and free drinks is that you have to either 
ONE, download the official NNFoodfest app and scan the code.
TWO, tweet and hashtag NNFoodfest and hashtag or @ (insert the respective foodstall )
THREE, open facebook and like and share the page.
The three is in chronological order from the least troublesome to the most troublesome.
And of course, everyone always chooses the most rational choice and ONE would definitely be the most preferred one.
BUT because I'm forgetful and I woke up late and was rushing to pick out my petite little friend, Shannen Lee May May.
I forgot to download the app and while I was at the entrance and as I was about to download the app, they told me I had to upgrade to iOS 6. (yes, my phone is mighty outdated and I do not keep up with the latest upgrades. LOL )
AND TO UPGRADE TO iOS 6 I HAVE TO HAVE AT LEAST 2.5GB which sadly, I do not have. 
ON A 36GB iphone.
I'm amazed with myself, I'm a very sentimental person indeed.
But then again, I have over 7000 pictures in my iphone.
And so, I went on a rampage deleting pictures and apps till I have enough space to download to iOS 6.
But then just as I was done and thought that the nightmare is over, there was yet another barrier which is wifi. 
So, I secretly went over to Starbucks to 'borrow' wifi but IT DIDN'T WORK.
At this time, I was in complete and utter disappointment and I gave up.
I'll just use twitter.
Basically, the lesson of the day is, be prepared and don't do things last minute because sometimes it just does not work. 

Okay, moving on. 
This is literally the first time I went to sunway pyramid and i didn't spend a single cent. Except of course, petrol and parking ticket.
But why do I have to spend ? I have everything I need.


Met this past counsellor slash feeling dumpster slash shoulder to cry on of mine tending a stall there.


From drinks 

to burgers

My new favourite, Waterballoon.
Beef, Watermelon, Lychee and their signature charcoal bun.

Mille Crepes, Humble Beginnings.



( P.S even the layer with the logo is edible )

There you have it, a full three course meal.

Thank you, Nuffnang ! 
To qualify to redeem a powerbank for free, your phone have to have less than 10% battery and you have to tweet with the necessary hashtags. 
So, everyone was frantically finding ways to use up their battery. 
Luckily, we arrived early so we had time to actually use it all up and there was a limited number of free power banks so we actually camped at the redemption table half an hour earlier and the person lining up in front of me was googling how to use up phone battery. LOL.
I am very thankful that I'm one of the lucky few to be able to get one. Really.
Again, THANK YOU NUFFNANG. I'm eternally grateful.

Bahagia faces.

Addional perks of being there is,
being able to meet some famous local bloggers.

the cutest couple in the world. ( except maybe, next to my mom&dad )

the friendly and petite fashionista, Michelle Ooi
I simply adore her.

the elegant and beautiful, Nana.

As oppose to Ed Sheeran, I do believe that the best things in life come free to us.

Additional photos from the day.



The outlook of it all and the crowd.

Just my bestfriend, Shannen Lee May May.

It's also the first day I've brought my baby out to see the world.
I'm still very much in love with her.

I am very grateful but I am currently very smelly too so I shall end my post here.
Ciao, my lovely readers.
K.W. Chim.

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