Friday, October 4, 2013

Entry #62: Short Update

I'm sorry.
Here's a short update on my lack of presence the past month.
I finally went on a trip to Penang with half the P.A.C and then i went on another trip to Italy with my mom. I will elaborate more on the trips soon and I ought to be studying now but I just feel like writing something before I start.

Dear readers,
 I know I have been a very irresponsible blogger lately,
I truly apologize for that but to be honest, 
Life consumed me.
I've been wanting to say this but I delayed it until now.
From the start of my first semester in university,
right from the first day,
I admit I had trouble getting used to it again.
However, I was looking forward towards it.
I choose to start my academic year earlier rather than taking a long break.
I've missed learning and I'm not one to stay still for far too long.
And so, ends my carefree days.
The before and after was a huge contrast.
The difference was significant.
I wasn't able to get used to it at first.
It almost felt like a jetlag. 
Except in this case I'd call it a breaklag.
From waking every day after the sun rises,
I was forced to wake up every day before the sun rises.
From doing nothing and not using my brains,
I had to rush to class and kickstart my dormant brains,
From being in my comfort zone,
I was kicked out to the wilderness once again,
From reaching the ending point,
to going back to the starting point.
And so, the cycle repeats.
Meeting new people, interacting with people and learning everything once again with new eyes.
I enjoy the process and I'm glad that I'm in a good place now.
The beginning was difficult because the change was so abrupt,
my body could barely adapt.
I attended lectures and I fall asleep quickly.
I returned home and I'm exhausted beyond belief.
But eventually, things turns out for the better and I've met some really great people and we'll see where we go from there.
The truth is, the beginning is always the hardest but persevere and it'll eventually turn for the better.
That's it for now.
I'll update again soon. 
Goodnight (:
K.W. Chim.

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