Thursday, September 12, 2013

Entry #61: Begin again.

Let's start off from where I stopped,
before my birthday, after I've cleaned my room, dyed my hair and announced that I'm a full time Taylor's student.
I told you guys that I'm a Taylor's student but I didn't precisely explained which course I enrolled in but I am going to do just that right now.
I am currently taking Bachelor Of Arts (Honours) Accounting and Finance and I'm in my third week as of now. 
Let's rewind to my first week and start there.
It was my first week of university and I thought that, the entire week was orientation week.
I attended the first day of orientation, didn't get a hold of an orientation timetable, was clueless about what's happening the next few days, was incredibly obsessed with The Mortal Instruments which eventually leads to lack of sleep and ended up missing the second day of orientation which was a huge huge mistake.
Let me tell you this, my fellow future Taylor's student, of the three days of orientation, yes, three days and not one week, the second day is the most important day of all.

For you to get your student ID, attending day two is important.
If you fail to do so, no big deal, just write a letter of absence and hand it in upon collecting the student ID.

The next two days of the week consists of lectures.
On the first day the lectures start was also, Kevballs birthday and Thank goodness i had a four hour break that day so I can make it for his surprise. 
There is no surprise in this world that doesn't come with improvisation due to unexpected events like...
he was in the toilet bathing and refuse to get out of the toilet with his towel on. LMFAO.
Originally the surprise was suppose to be like this.
We told him that we're having lunch at 12.00pm but we really intended to come at 10.30am to catch him off guard and surprise him in his sleep and my friend here, is as much a nocturnal being as much as I am so who would have expected he woke up earlier to clean himself and smell good for his very special day.

Here's some clips from the day.

We walked up the stairs with the candles lit, stood outside the room, knocked at the door relentlessly, had three false alarms, blew out the candles three times till the candles were less than one inch long till he finally came out of the toilet. I'm starting to believe boys take a longer time in the loo than girls now ! WHAT HAVE THE WORLD COME TO. Haha.

After the birthday boy devoured the cake like a beast, we went to Mr. & Ms. for lunch.



My Breakfast Platter.



The Birthday Boy.
He eats his burger terbalik so that everything doesn't spill everywhere and before it becomes a hot mess.


After a satisfying lunch, weelee and I headed back to university for class and the others went to catch a movie. The day does not end there. Headed home after the lecture, had a short nap, get ready for a very atas dinner in a rush and drove all the way to kuchai lama with just one bar of petrol left because I was already late. 
Speeding on the highway, meeting up with my bitches, running late for our dinner appointments, had a mini wardrobe malfunction but was luckily saved because I have a bestfriend that has a car for a wardrobe, hours of camwhoring in the restaurant way past closing hours, free entry into a club with two complimentary drinks with minimal amount of alcohol but it all turned out to be a magical night with my bitches. 
Flowers + Atas food + Norah Jone's Don't Know Why + Bestfriends = Magical Night

Let's start with the food first.
The food was so amazing I don't remember the names of the food. 
I just had the most amazing beef beef beef and foie grass.

Filtered water that cost RM 25 ++
 Most expensive filtered water I've ever drank.

Scallops and Lobster.
Absolutely Fresh.
Soup base typically oriental.

Comes with the soup and compliments it well.

Foie grass.
One sentence to describe it by Lysha
" I want to bring it home and make love to it "
Yes, it was that good.

Main course:
Literally foodgasm.


Mushroom Risotto with Foie Grass.
Not the wisest choice but still good.

Ming Li's

Crepe with Grand Marnier Ice Cream.
The Ice cream was so good.


Complimentary cake that the bestfriends surprised me with while I was away because I had a mini wardrobe malfunction.
I loved it.
It was also very nice of them to add a personal touch to the birthday cake by writing my name on the plate.

The entire three course meal was RM175 nett.

After our share of photography session, we headed to ghost town aka Vertigo on a Thursday night to just chill for a while. 
Since it was ladies night and complimentary drinks.
But seriously, the place was empty and as dead as a ghost town on thursdays.

That's how the night ended.
One of the best day of the year.

 The next day, Friday, was the day for my birthday celebration and I've talked about it in my previous post so let's talk about the day after that which is the actual day of my birthday which is also National Day which is also the day for the C3 competition.
If you don't know, C3 is a cheerleading competition held every year that I've participated for the past two years but sadly, not this year.
Even though, I wasn't a participant this year, I was still a supporter and I was still there.
That was how I celebrated my 19th birthday.
At Paradigm Mall. 
At the sidelines supporting all my favourite teams.
With Regine, Weelee and Vhau.

( The only video I managed to capture )

I was a very happy child that day.
The three of them surprised me with balloons.
but HELLO KITTY balloons.
When weelee was walking towards me with the balloons, 
there was a kind of warmth and happiness spreading through my heart and into my veins.
Sounds dramatic but I ain't exaggerating.
I love them very very much.
No pictures though.
I was too tired to take photos that day.
SORRY LA, I only had three hours of sleep from the day before.
Lack of sleep tends to lead to a grumpy kaiwen.
If you want to see their faces, just scroll to the top of the posts and you'll see their adorable faces with moustache.

I just want to end this post by saying thank you to all those that took the time to spend my it with me on my birthday, made an effort to surprise me on this very special day and most of all, for loving me and always being there for me.
I am blessed.

To be continued...
I have homework to finish.

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