Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Entry #60 : How I turned nineteen

Wonderland seems like a land far far away
but at least for one day, 
on the 30th, the night before it turns 31st
Wonderland was so close.

The people that fell down the rabbit hole and found themselves at the mad hatter's tea party.
Malaysian style.
 with barbecue, chinese food, soft drinks, booze, cupcakes and cakes.

The Red Queen and her minions.
( P.S they're just too lazy to dress up )

 The twiddle dees and twiddle dumbs.

My one and only Alice.

The four most dressed up girls of the Night.

The white rabbit that was late.

We got cakes on our face.
Ain't no party if ain't no face caking?

Baskin Robins cake from the twiddle dee and twiddle dumb that melted but still taste amazingly good.

After the traditional birthday song, 
they started singing NEGARAKU.
If only, I recorded it.

Happy faces.

Last group picture with Miley Cyrus' infamous VMA performance. 

After that.
All I remember was downing a glass or two of Black Label, getting high, popping open another Moët & Chandon champagne, forcing people to down a glass or two of alcohol with me, play a drinking game and end up slapping people, proceeding with biting people and trying to sober up by biting lemons and smelling flowers.
The day ended with gossiping with my fei por in the room and snoring away while she was still talking without even turning on the air cond and then waking up 3 hours later.
That, kids, 
is how I turned nineteen. 

To the woman that made it all happen.
Mom, thank you and I love you.

How cute is the hello kitty balloon and name plate the fei por and weepers got me !
Love my bitches to bits.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday. You're a very beautiful. :)

    1. Thanks ! :D Sorry for the ultra two month late reply. HEHE :P