Monday, August 19, 2013

Entry #57: Don't be a duck.

As my Birthday is slowly approaching, I suddenly feel it's rather unfair that our age is based on the year we're born instead of the day and month we existed. Think about it. We can't really get into a club or watch a PG18 movie or watch a video which contains explicit contents if we are merely underage by a month or a day so why are we presumed to be older than our age according to our year ?

I think if I continue talking about my adventures while drinking, you would start thinking I'm an alcoholic so I shall stop. After Saturday.
Talking about alcohol, I'm fat I've gained weight. I've never been this heavy since puberty striked me. LOL. I was pondering whether it was muscles or it was fats and I've concluded it was the latter. 
For me, the worse part about living a healthy lifestyle is not exercising, it's controlling my diet. Food is a form of happiness. Good Food makes me even happier. You know there are two groups of people where you're sad and you don't eat or you're sad and you keep eating? I keep eating. 
I do work out because I eat alot but in the end, when unhealthy food is paired with alcohol, that's what I call a double kill. Hence, I've decided that if I'm going to drink, I'm going to sacrifice good food for three days and replace it with healthy food. Either that or decrease the amount of consumption of carbs and increase the amount of consumption of protein. 
Did I ever mention to you that food literally tastes amazing when you're drunk or tipsy. A plate of maggi goreng and roti bom suddenly feels better than a perfectly grilled steak on a common day. 
Did I also mention that I'm a better cook when I have alcohol in my bloodstream? Cause I managed to cook two bowls of instant noodle, one perfect half boiled egg and two three quarter boiled eggs when I'm home.
If you're wondering if I ate it all, I did not eat two bowls of noodles. I ate one bowl of noodles and one half boiled egg. The others are for my brother.

Pictures from last Saturday Night.

Double Kill.

*learnt my lesson*

Finally brace free with them girls.
I was the last to graduate from metalville.
HALF graduated.

After a glass or two, the bromance started showing.

A word of advice.
Be careful of what you put into your body.
Don't be a duck.

Scientists have long noted that alcoholics aren't as portly as you'd expect, given the staggering number of calories they consume in alcohol. Metabolic studies of chronic alcohol abusers have turned up something interesting: If you drink enough, you pass a threshold after which a certain portion of your alcohol calories are "free." Basically, you do so much damage to your liver that it can't efficiently process alcohol anymore and you "waste" the calories or store them in your liver, giving yourself a disease called fatty liver, which can lead to cirrhosis and death if you keep at it. "It's similar to the way you make foie gras," says Marc Hellerstein, MD, PhD, professor of human nutrition at University of California, Berkeley. "You stuff a goose with carbohydrates, the liver stores it as glycogen and fat, then they kill the goose, and it's full of fat and sugar, so it tastes really great—that's foie gras." And that's an alcoholic's liver. Yummy!
-extracted from alcohol and calories: does drinking cause weight gain?
Full article here

Love is Love.

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