Friday, August 16, 2013

Entry #56: Good days.

Walking into the small white cubicle with an inclined chair complete with several sophisticated and not to mention scary looking equipments, a desk at the far end with my green file on top and two swivel chairs, one for the mom and one for the orthodontist, I was completely prepared to be disappointed once again with the news that it is not the right time to remove my braces. As I take my seat on the chair, wore the lame looking sunglasses which until today after four long years I still don't know what for and the nurse put the bib on me. In case you have no idea what's a bib until now, a bib is the cloth that babies wear when they eat so that they won't dirty their clothes. Do not be ashamed, I have no idea what is was called until my bestfriend enlightened me either. After all that procedure, the orthodontist sat next to me and I explained to him that the bottom set of my teeth has opened up and he said he would close it up and he wouldn't be debonding the lower part which naturally leads to me believing that he wouldn't be doing any debonding at all ( debond basically means removing in braces term ) And so, I opened my mouth wide and let the orthodontist do his magic. Going through the usual procedure and all I hear was "open *five second pause* open *another five second pause* open *and it goes on* UNTIL I realize HEY this is taking longer than i thought. And the orthodontist was cleaning my teeth, nurse was vacuuming my saliva ( I would usually say sucking but that doesn't sound very nice so I settled for vacuuming LOL ) and I was just trying my best not to swallow my own saliva and choke. Seriously, the worse part of long procedures is not the pain, it's the part where you have to control yourself and not choke on your saliva. Trust me. I did that before and it was horrible and utterly embarrassing. Furthermore, the saliva don't only consist of amylase and water, it has hints of the taste of metal and glue. Ew. Don't remind me. He continued cleaning the teeth followed by applying glue at the back of my teeth to attach the metal which I will safely assume it is to hold the teeth at place so that it doesn't stray away then he cleaned my teeth again. Well, sounds like he did of a lot of cleaning. Four years of cleaning. Finally I heard a sound that is similar to nuts cracking and I was like " Finally, that was it. I'm finally free. Maybe, half free but still. That's something, isn't it? " Last step was to mold my teeth with something that looks like playdoh but does not stick to your teeth or gums when removed. All this for a retainer.
If you're as eager as I am to know what I look like without braces or with half a braces, wait no more. 

After my delightful and unexpected trip with the orthodontist, I headed over to KLCC with my parents to pick up a beautiful and sexy evil witch of the day since I self declare myself as the cute and innocent princess of the day. Just let me be. Because it's a happy day today and I'm over the cloud while building castles in the air. A damsel in DIstress needs a beautiful and sexy evil witch to DEstress. Get it ? Get it? Yes, apparently I find myself very funny when I'm happy. Hehe.
Also, what time better to monitor the various expression of my brace free face if not now. So don't say I didn't warn you. 

Afternoon tea or I would prefer to call it 
High tea at ONESIXFIVE, Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

At ONESIXFIVE, they offer a choice of either the Royal Afternoon tea or the 'Selera' Afternoon tea. 
we ordered both.
It's RM75 per set. Each set consists of a three tiered tray of mini delicacies with a pot of tea.
I asked the waiter if we could exchange a pot of tea for a cup of coffee but we were rejected of that choice so I guess it doesn't work that way? But there's no harm trying so you could ask them if they would allow you to change. 
ONESIXFIVE offers a variety of house tea to choose from. 
From english tea to green tea to black tea to herbal tea.
The options are pretty interesting, you would definitely have a tough time making a decision.
You could also ask for a refill of water into your pot when it runs dry.
What is an afternoon tea if it's not for it's tea?
The tea they served was fragrant and calming.
 Definitely not the typical packaged Lipton or Boh tea. 

They give you an array of sugar to tweak the taste of the tea.

The Royal Afternoon Tea.
For us.
The top tier: Raisin and Plain Scones served with Devonshire clotted cream and fresh preserves
Middle tier: Crab Remoulade Roll, Smoked Salmon and Caviar Crostini, Lobster and Asparagus Bagel, Peking Duck with Cucumber and, Wagyu Beef Tartare with Wasabi and Brioche
Bottom tier: Green Tea Crème Brulee and Hazelnut, Tonka Bean Macarons, Lemon Meringue Tart, Caramel Eclair, and Chocolate and Pistachio Opera

Lobster and Asparagus Bagel

Lemon Meringue Tart

The ingredients for all the bite sized delicacies and desserts were fresh, 
the choice of treats served were innovative, 
and the presentation was commendable.
I feel that everything was very well thought out, they do not serve mass produced preserves nor do they serve the usual finger sandwiches that most high teas offer and the tea was good.
Personally, I love the first and second tier.
The scones are good and the savoury treats are simply delectable especially the Lobster and Asparagus Bagel and Peking Duck.
For the desserts, I would say the green tea Crème Brulee is smooth and rich in flavour, the Tonka Beans Macarons are moist and sinks into your teeth and the Lemon Meringue Tart was surprisingly well baked.

The 'Selera' Afternoon tea.
For the parents.
This set is like a classic english tea with a Malaysian twist which I thought would be more suitable for my parent's taste buds.
Top tier: sesame and plain scones served with Devonshire clotted cream and fresh preserves
Middle tier: mini beef rendang burger, chicken satay pao, tuna and avocado kuih paiti, lamb samosa with mango chutney, butter prawn saffron roll
Bottom tier: durian eclair, red bean and chocolate opera, mango panna cotta with coconut sago, egg tart with pineapple carpaccio, kuih lapis lemington

My parents seem to enjoy the mini rendang burger and lamb samosa with mango chutney.
For the sweets, I ended up devouring all of them because the parents don't seem to share the same kind of love for all things sweet.
My favourite would have to be the durian eclair which was like discovering a diamond beneath a layer of gold and the mango panna cotta with coconut sago.

For both sets, the cakes isn't anything to shout about and for the first time,
I much prefer the savoury dishes as compared to the sweet desserts.
Everything from the ambience to the food is good but the service can be a little lacking because it seems to me, they're having a shortage of workers as there is usually no one around to tend to our needs.

That marks the end of my review on ONESIXFIVE.
Moving on, 
From here on down will be moments captured by my Nikon Coolpix P300.

The two heroes in my life.

My dad is too cute and I am definitely my mother's daughter. 
They say if you want to know how you look like when you're older, look at your mom. 
Somehow, I have a feeling that prediction will come true and I think it's a good thing.

Left: self declared cute and innocent princess of the day
Right: beautiful and sexy evil witch of the day
What's the role of Fix it Felix without Wreck it Ralph.
What's a princess without her evil witch, right.

I look like I have morning sickness but actually, I'm really having the troubles of anyone that wears braces.
I was merely trying to clean my teeth and I was being polite by covering my mouth while doing so.

Everything was perfect today.
A magical and happy day.
Happy is the word that describes how I feel now.
Other than sleepy.

Btw, I'm cutting my break short and decided to return to the blogging scene.
I am standing back up from where I fall.
If you think this is the last of me, 
you are gravely mistaken.
This is just the beginning.
You'll be seeing lots of me.
Wait for it.


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