Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Entry #55: This is it.

As I stare into the screen I went OH THIS IS IT.
and then I continued staring blankly at the screen hoping that the alphabet would miraculously change to something better.
Just sitting there staring and hoping and staring and hoping
But it didn't.
It just didn't.
So it finally sinks into me that THIS REALLY IS IT.
It's not too bad but of course, it fell short of expectation.
One sentence, life goes on.
I have no one to blame but myself.
I did regret certain choices that I made along the way but I don't want to dwell on it and whine now since it's already over and if I start talking about it, it'll just get even more depressing than it already is.
I've decided to take a one week break from social networking and blogging but I'll be active on Instagram and Tumblr.
I shall drown myself in sorrow and come back a better man next week !
Until then.

If I could bring back yesterday's happiness, I would.

Superb Nachos that tastes so superbly good.
Seriously, it was so good.

Smuggled snacks in from the nearby 7/11 cause we were too cheapskate to order another bowl of Nachos.

And then we put them into glasses to camouflage it.

Two towers of Tiger.
Enough to kill Ming&I.

This time there was no Elvis Presley but there was 
a Cameron Highland and I introduced myself as Genting Highland.

(Oops, we did it again... )

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