Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Entry #50: Lost and Found.

It's my 50th post already ! 
It's nice to know I've successfully made it so far without quitting despite the frequent breaks.

To commemorate my 50th post, let me introduce to you my new tagline.
"I fail sometimes but I never quit." 


  1. Unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts: "they got lost in the fog".
  2. Unable to be found: "he turned up with my lost golf clubs".
missing - stray - gone

I'm sure all of you have been through this phase where you've lost your identity.
When the word 'me' just seemed so distant.
When you just feel so lost.
Floating amidst the great ocean and you can't find your way home.
Days go by and with each passing day,
you feel even lost in your own world and you can't explain yourself anymore.
And I'm telling you it's okay. 
Because this is all just a cycle.
It will repeat itself again and again but just never lose hope.
Hang on and lights will guide you home.
There's always this thing called the light house.

Frankly speaking, in a less metaphorical way, I've been lost for plenty of times and I am feeling lost at this moment. Not sure if I've dug my old wound out or I've just had too much time to think about unnecessary thoughts or I've been way too lazy and to punish myself, my mind decided to go on a rampage. 

This. Is. Not. Good. 
When I'm feeling lost, I just get so troubled for no particular reason, I think and think and think. A lot. Gradually, I will start feeling empty inside and I lose all purpose in life. Okay, maybe that sounds a little too dramatic but eventually, I will rediscover myself, find another motivation that drives me forward and feeling lost will become yet another history. Sometimes, you just need some time alone with yourself to recollect yourself and reassess your thoughts. This is what we call a ME time and it's not necessarily a bad thing as long as you pull yourself together before you plunge in too deep into the dark abyss of negative thinking. Don't be a pessimist, Be a an optimist. Do anything that makes you happy. Think positive. Surround yourself with people that makes you happy. Like how my bestfriend loves to say it, Life's too short to do things that makes you unhappy. 

Run Wild, Young and Free.
is precisely what we did on Monday.
Mondays are usually a dreadful day for students and adults alike.
It's a day where we have to wake up early, pull ourselves out of bed and get a tight slap back into reality but definitely, NOT this past Monday cause it sure was a great Monday.
Guess I can keep my usual " I HATE MONDAYS" tshirt in the cupboard this week.

Ten shots of Jagerbomb ( a with two dots on top )
arranged beautifully in half an oval.
Being the noob Ming and I was, we were pretty amazed when I tipped the first shot glass over and subsequently, each glass falls into their respective glasses like a domino effect.
If only I was able to record our reaction...

From left to right, the chronology from the beginning of the day towards the inevitable journey of getting tipsy and high.

Things I remember from Monday:
1. Everyone does everything better when drunk.
Ming Li killed a mosquito in a bar IN ONE SHOT in the dark.
2. I speak relentlessly in the f word when drunk. BAD.
3. Strangers become bestfriends when drunk. We met Elvis Presley from the next table who is almost a decade older.
4. Alcohol makes you pee. I peed 5 times in the bar alone.
5. Time passes really quickly.
6. Food tastes better when drunk. MEATBALLS, CHICKEN WING, DUCK !
7. You're generally happier. I laugh a lot. I talk a lot.
Maybe not happier but definitely high-er.
8. We ordered two towers and only managed to finish one and a quarter. What a waste of money.
9. I wanted to draw on lysha's face with a marker pen but she didn't allow me to and think that I'm nuts.
10. It was the first I've started drinking before the sun goes down. 

( Picture stolen from lyshalok )

The end.

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