Monday, August 5, 2013

Entry #48: Reunited.

I am making my awaited comeback now.
I'm back !
and very much like how I'm reuniting with my fellow blog readers,
it will be all about Reunion today.
Now that I've graduated both high school and college,
it finally dawns upon me that my friends are leaving the country one by one.
Times when we're all together in the country at the same time is rare so reunion gradually hold an even deeper meaning than just hanging out.

Sorry I'm a little tired from all the drinking today.
So, I'll keep the post short.
Last Friday.
Six of us.
High tea for two.
Two cups of tea.
Add two more cups of plain warm water
Recycle the tea bags
There you have it, four cups of tea.

Finally Reunited.

On the right:
The two girls that writes me greeting cards even when we're seas apart,
the two bestfriends that surprises me with a bikini when I jokingly says I want a bra when they asked me what I wanted from the Great Britain,
the two kind souls that will bring us chocolate and souvenirs whenever they're back and says that we're too thin and we should eat more,
the two person that I treasure in my life that will take out their time to spend it with us.
Also, the guy that writes me postcards when he's in both the UK and US.
The guy that never stops caring since way back in high school even though he can be MIA most of the time.
I'm really grateful that all of us are back at the country where we've met at the same time and we're able to reunite.

(P.S With six stomachs, we still didn't manage to finish the high tea for two)

True Friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes.

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