Sunday, August 25, 2013

Entry #59: New Beginnings.

Hello everybody who is reading this little blog of mine !
I have announcements to make which will probably explained my disappearance the pass few days and I will keep it simple.

Announcement Number One:
I've finally cleared my room after what seems like two years.
You have no idea what I've found lying around my room in so many different corners. It's amazing how many things can be found in my room. It's like a treasure hunt but I would say junkyard is more appropriate.
Here's what I found in the room :

  • seven blue pens
  • nine black pens
  • two glue
  • fifteen pencils
  • eight mechanical pencils
  • eight erasers
  • three rulers
  • four sunglasses cases
  • two sunglasses
  • one mercedes
  • one lamborghini 
  • five iphone cases
  • six bottles of mini perfume, one bottle of cologne and one bottle of medium sized perfume
  • one long lost camera
  • a tube of DNA
  • and..... a mini bottle of expired tobasco sauce which I greedily stole from Papa John cause it was. cute.
(Note that this is just a few of the many more things I found, I can't possibly name it all. There's way to many and I am afraid I would bore you. )

Spring cleaning my room is like a having war in a battlefield except you don't die physically but mentally.



I was impressed myself.

Mountain of things that needed to be cleared away.

My mini stolen bottle of tobasco sauce.
Cute, ain't it.

I found a hidden corner where I secretly wrote our names, behind the books.
The stupid things I do when I was young and innocent.

One and a half years worth of books overflowing the cardboard box.


My moment of Glory.
Nicely arranged.
I'm happy.

Announcement Number Two: 
I'm purple again.
I was purple, black, red, purple, turqoise, red and back to purple again. If one does not know me, one would think purple is my favourite colour. 

Announcement Number Three:
Yours Truly is officially a full time student in Taylor's University.
Registered and reporting for duty as of tomorrow. 
I am leaving the pond and entering the lake. 
I do hope that it will be a pleasant and memorable journey where I would be able look upon it with a smile on my face when I am gray and wrinkled.

The past few days, I've been doing alot of thinking about what I've been through the past one and a half year. Especially when I was cleaning up, opening my memory box, digging out my old stuffs, reminiscing about the past and then arranging it back into the box one by one while thinking about all its sentimental values. It has been quite a journey and thinking back, there was all sorts of emotions mixed together. It was bittersweet. The recent one being disappointment but I stand by these three rules at times of disappointment.

Rule Number One: Don't Compare
You'll just get even bitter. You'll just be harder on yourself. You'll just be drowning in your sorrows. You'll just be whining about no one else but yourself. There will always be someone better than you. Nobody can be the best forever. Forever is an illusion, it is greed taking over, it is lust for the fame, it simply doesn't exist. You are you. They are not you. You don't have to live up to their standards. You are not subjected to it, don't be caged by it and don't be too hard on yourself when you do not rise to their standards. It's your life and there may be no retry button but there is a try again button.

Rule Number Two: Accept it
Accept what we cannot change. There is no other way. Look at it differently and a million possibilities paves your path.

Rule Number Three: Let it go
I have regrets. More so when I'm drunk. Your mind just runs rampantly, your heart just aches in bitterness and your stomach wrenches tightly. However, it is a regret that was caused entirely caused by myself. I didn't work hard enough and I cannot change that fact now but this is not the end of the line. Rise again after you fall. Like a bloodsucking vampire. Rise above them all and look towards the new beginning. I'm sure there's better things waiting for us. 

If we don't let go of something good, how are we suppose to find something better. 
Maybe the past happened for a reason and maybe, the past is supposed to stay there.

One thing the past do to you, it makes you stronger. 
I shall end here.
Tomorrow is orientation day and I wouldn't want to be late to my first day so I shall take my leave now. 

To new beginnings.
What does the future await me?
I'm feeling rather nervous and anxious right now.
For tomorrow. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Entry #58: Queen, King and Pauper.

Today is a very sunny day and under this excruciating heat, one just wants to sleep and eat but I did not fall into the hands of gluttony and sloth and turn into a couch potato. Anyhow, let's start the post by talking about food. On a day like today where the sun decides to show up and work hard, I had breakfast like a Queen, Lunch like a King and Dinner like a Pauper. Breakfast at Peppercorn, Lunch at Mr & Ms and Dinner at home. 

For breakfast, I ordered the lunch set which consists of soup and garlic bread for appetizers, grilled fish with mixed vegetables and boiled potatoes for the main course, jelly for desserts and chilled chrysanthemum tea for drinks. All for RM13.50. Peppercorn is a cafe that we frequent as a college student as it is just a block away and they offer affordable lunch and breakfast sets. Not to mention the owner is always very friendly and the place feels like home. Also, I left out my potatoes today cause I decided to cut down on carbs and eat clean as much as possible. I have a premonition that for my birthday, I'm eating. Alot. and one celebration is never enough so I'm eating. Alot. For A few days. Gotta save some space for that.

For Lunch, we headed over to Mr & Ms and here's a mini review on the food and what I think about it.

Mr & Ms is a lovely cafe tucked in between the street of cafes and restaurants in the Oasis, 
as I pushed the doors and make my way inside,
the place reveals a very fun concept with props on the tables and I can easily name it as another good and cozy hang out place.

A sneak on their menu.

Here's my picks of the day:
Portobello Mushrooms on Poached Eggs.

The Portobello Mushroom on Poached Eggs is like a healthier rendition of Eggs Benedict minus the fattening but delectable Hollandaise sauce. Instead it was replaced with a huge portobello mushroom. 
Surprisingly, the wholemeal toast, poached eggs, portobello mushroom topped with lentils and feta cheese strike a perfect harmony of flavors. Additionally, the strawberries and nuts served at the sides tastes refreshing after mouthfuls of the dish. It's a very smart way to take away the strong aftertaste of the poached eggs so kudos for the thought they've put into this dish. It is a very decent dish but the poached eggs are slightly lacking to my liking.

Fresh Fruit Salad with honey and Greek yoghurt.

If you're thinking of something light and healthy, try this.
The FRESH in the fresh fruit salad is definitely not a fraud.

My mother's choice:

Eggs Benedict. 
No Comments. 
It's a traditional Eggs Benedict. 
Similar to Plan B's but cheaper and they used wholemeal toast instead of english muffin.
Not the best Eggs Benedict I've tried.

My brother's choice:

The 'Meaty' Big Breakfast.
My brother can be really picky with food and he is a huge carnivore and meat lover.
My point is, my mom and I are like his rubbish bin cause we 'sapu' all the things he dislikes.
I tried the button mushrooms, the mushrooms were enveloped with butter and it was fragrant and I liked it. Sinful, nonetheless.
Loved the cherry tomatoes.
The chicken sausage may be tad bit too dry and salty.
My mom don't seem to fancy the baked beans either and my brother don't comment about his food so I guess that's that. 

Overall, I think Mr8Ms is a decent cafe and I would definitely return with my friends next time.

Mr & Ms,
B-G-3A, Block B, Oasis Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Open 10am-5pm, except Mondays.

For dinner, I had fruit juice, longan and two hard boiled eggs. 
No pictures.

Now you see why Breakfast like a Queen and Lunch like a King? It is entirely logical. 
However, I have no explanation for why I had lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.
All I could say is Thank God for All Day Breakfasts and Late Breakfasts. Goodbye to conservative thinkings that breakfast is only for the early birds. I'm also really proud that I ate three meals today instead of the usual two cause I wake up at late hours and end up missing breakfast, brunch and lunch. I only have dunch and dinner. Dunch means in between dinner and lunch. LOL. Two IF I don't lose self control and get my naughty hands on supper which is usually either midnight Mcdonald's delivery or Instant noodles with eggs.

Ok, let's stop talking about food and talk about sleep.
I literally sleeps when the sun is up and wakes up when the sun is down. 
In between breakfast and lunch, while I'm at home, I find myself lying on the bed and quickly going into hibernation. The same happens in between lunch and dinner except that I did wake up way before dinner and I did my part as a dog owner today. It is a very big achievement. I walked them and then I bathed my two unhygienic and unattractive dogs. When we leave the dogs outside, at the front yard, they tend to play under the cars or near the cars and then get themselves covered in a type of black substance leaking out of the car and not to mention the remnants of their poo on their butts cause dogs can't use toilet rolls after they poo so yeah, they look worse than a stray dog sometimes. And my two lovely dogs is like the complete equivalent of SIX dogs. I literally used three rounds of shampoo for each dog cause they're that dirty. By the time, I was done washing them up, the sun is already down but I'm sure he's still working hard somewhere I cannot see him. 


(returned to his former glory)

( sorry, Jojo is camera shy today )

Everyone knows that I have a very unusual biological clock but I don't think everyone knows that it's so messed up I don't even work out in the morning, I work out at night. Today is one of those days where I just want to give up and take a break but then I reminded myself that if I don't work out, I'm gonna regret this and this is my fifth day which means tomorrow is recovery day so I pushed myself and I did it and I feel good. Don't push your body too hard, take a rest in between to prevent injuries. Better to recover and push yourself harder than to get injured and not be able to work out at all.
It's late and I'm waking up early for breakfast tomorrow so I shall end my post here.

How much cuter can my parents get.
These are comments to the pictures of food from Mr&Ms my mom posted.