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Post #44 : P.A.C invades Melaka

Hmm, Where do I start? 
Let's start with how this impromptu trip came along.
Do you see the tittle of the post? 
P.A.C basically stands for Penang Apartment Club.
And who's in P.A.C you ask?
Well, you have to read on to find out, don't you.
It's pretty ironic how we're called the PENANG apartment club but we ended up in Malacca.
I guess you could say if Plan A fails, we don't sit around and mope but proceed ahead with Plan B.
Hence, our Plan B was to go on a one day road trip to Malacca and we postponed the Penang trip to later in the year.
The day started with Dim Sum for breakfast in Kepong 
then we started our very first road trip together to Melaka.
I was asleep throughout the ride to Melaka as per usual so I missed out on all the fun in the car.
Oooops. Hehe.
The journey to Melaka didn't take too long and we reached Melaka safely in the afternoon.
All along, our entire goal in Melaka was to eat, eat, eat and eat and of course, have fun. #YOLO
Our first suggestion after much debate in the car was to walk around the shopping malls nearby ( i.e Mahkota Parade and Mahkota Plaza ) because being the 'puteri lilin' we all are (male and female alike) , we can't bring ourselves to walk around Jonker Street under the unbearable heat in the afternoon.
Jonker Street will have to wait till noon time.
Also because we were too thrifty to spend on parking money in the shopping mall, 
we decided to park at the free parking near Christ Church and walk to Mahkota Parade.
THAT right there was the biggest mistake we ever made, honestly cause we ended up pacing back and forth between Little India and Christ Church, got lost along the way, found an old rundown and abandoned building along the way and decided it's a good spot to snap photos.
It all happened under the excruciating heat. FOL.

We ended up having the famous chicken rice balls, coconut water and nyonya cendol as our first meal in Melaka.

Was never a big fan of Chicken Rice Balls and I've definitely tasted better chicken and roasted pork in KL.
Nothing special here.

The first sip of the chilled coconut water that runs down the throat taste so heavenly.
The significance of coconut have greatly increased that day.
That coconut feels like
Rain when there is a draught,
Fresh air when you're in a room full of fart,
A blanket during winter
And aircond during summer.

After that long journey of getting lost, we reverted back to the comfort of the car instead of torturing our legs and sun burning our skin.
But when the car started moving, we felt our butts vibrating and there was a weird sound emitting from the car so we started panicking and drove at the speed of a turtle, stopped the car on the road side and checked the tyres.
To our surprise, 
there were some troubles with the tyre and the cover for the tyre that prevents air from escaping and allows air to be pumped in was nowhere to be found for the front tyre and for the back tyre, it was loose.
It feels like someone just gave us a really bad joke.
What happened to morality !
We then found our way to the nearest petrol station and workshop to have the car checked.
Didn't find any other problem and so, we drove to Jonker Streets.
I was quite eager to walk the streets but never would I have thought that the shops are closing one by one when we arrived.
And the food stalls only have a limited choice of food to sell cause it was all sold out.
EVEN the toilets were closed. 
Seriously, nothing went as planned that day.
But we still went sightseeing and bought some things in between.

The durian puff sold in Melaka is definitely way better than the branch opened in SS15.
Give it a try if you're in Melaka.

Not your typical girl in a dress?

After a long walk in jonker streets, 
We decided to have satay celup for dinner in a shop called Capitol Satay.
We waited for a seat for around an hour before getting a seat.
I was really anticipating it as the crowd there was crazy and the line was really long.

Camwhore some more while waiting for our turn.

Remember the Fat One Steamboat theory I used previously?
It's the same for this shop.
You select the sticks you would like to eat, bring it over to your table, dip it in the boiling soup and eat it when it's ready.

That day, I realize my friends are 'si ham' killers too !

 It's RM0.90 per stick.

One thing different and special is that they use the satay peanut sauce as a soup base instead of the usual clear or tom yam soup.

Number of sticks we've eaten.
It's definitely a good experience but I wouldn't say I'd wait for another hour just to eat this.

After we're done with dinner, we drove over to Mahkota Parade at the speed of light to buy a few slices of Nadeje cakes to bring back home. We were rushing cause the shop was close to closing time and we can't go home without a slice or two of the famous Nadeje cake, can we.
Took a round turn on the way back to KL and almost ended up in Johor but we made it home safe.
There was an unhappy experience along the way but we'll talk about that another day if there's a chance.

Despite all the wrong turns, long walks and missing out on all the special penang food, I still had fun with em' P.A.C-ians.
It's the company that counts no matter where we go and with them, it's never a boring day.
We invaded Genting too the next day but that's another day's story.
It's late so I shall end the post with
more shots from the day.

P.A.C (excluding some other members )
From Left to Right: Kevballs, Robin Hood, Weelee, Fatty and myself.

Hello Kitty trishaw puller.
A trishaw puller is like a bicycle attached to a seat that gives you a ride around the area.
A popular attraction among the tourists.

Goodnight !
Xx, kaiwenchim <3

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