Monday, July 29, 2013

Entry #45 : A sudden outburst.

People break up for many different reasons.
petty little things, big matters or even several chain of small things that eventually became a big problem
sometimes, they may have cheated,
they may have lost trust in their relationship,
sometimes, they may have enough of each other,
sometimes, they just eventually finds out they're not compatible anymore,
sometimes, it's because of circumstances or obligations,
sometimes, it's because of principles,
sometimes, it's out of love that you break up 
because letting go is a kind of love too,
but if it's meant to be yours, it'll eventually find its way back to you

People think, 
everyone have their own inner struggles, 
they probably took alot of things into consideration before making a decision,
most likely they've gone on an emotional journey to come up with the conclusion.

They may have made that decision based on selfish reasons.
If they do that, they're just assholes so don't waste your tears on them.

They may also make that decision because they wanted the best for you and they think they couldn't give you the best.
To be honest, I hate this reason the most.
What you think is the best for the other person may not really be the best.
Do you consider their feelings and have you asked for their opinion before making such a rash decision?
Instead of thinking about all these unknowns that you don't know will or will not happen, why not just take everything one step at a time and focus on right now?
Is it better to give up on this special and beautiful thing that you have between the two of you because of your own beliefs?
Or do you want to try harder to make them feel like the happiest person on earth?
Because really, sometimes you don't what you're capable of.
You're capable of so much more than just giving up.

It may even be the right person but the wrong time.
And maybe one day, the right time will come.
Have faith in the Lord,
everything will work out just right.

At the end of it all,
regardless of how it ended up,
just know that you can't force your ideas into another person's mind,
you can't make everyone think like you,
what seems logical to you may not be logical to them,
so let it go.
Fight for it while you can,
but when the right time comes, 
know when to let go.
move on.
matters to the heart can't be forced.

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