Friday, July 19, 2013

Entry #42: Food Review on a roll Pt. 2 Ichi Zen

I've discovered this branch of japanese restaurant by chance, really.
And recommendation from a good friend since some time ago.
Initially, I wanted to have lunch at Rakuzen before going for university hopping with the fam but sadly, it was close for business when we arrived.
Yes, I'm at the age where I should be looking at universities.
Visited Taylor's and monash but decided to put uni on hold till the release of our A lvls results early of August.
*ba dump ba dump*
The Japanese restaurant that I'm talking about is none other than Ichi Zen ( formerly known as Edo Ichi ) at First Subang. 
Amongst the established Japanese restaurants around SS15,
I guess I finally found a favourite to rave about.
Since my first visit, I've visited Ichi Zen 3 more times in two weeks.
Talk about too much of Japanese cuisine.
Tbh, after being to Japan once and trying their salmon sushi there,
I finally know now why everyone loves sashimi. I used to dislike it.
The sashimi over in Japan is so amazingly good and superbly fresh off the sea.
It completely redefines the taste of sashimi for me.
It literally melts in your mouth, has an incredibly smooth texture and is sliced at the perfectly right measure of thickness.
Of course, we live in Malaysia so we can't expect the Japanese cuisine in Malaysia to taste like their native land.
It's like if you're in Japan, you can't expect them to have the best Penang laksa, right.
We can rarely find a place that serves fresh sashimi in Malaysia.
And even when we speak about freshness,
We're just talking about being close to fresh and not exactly fresh.
If you really want to know what fresh sashimi taste like, I definitely recommend you to have a visit to Japan.
If not, you could always visit Ichi Zen.
Their sashimis are not like those in Japan but they offer decent sashimis.
Maybe a tad bit too thick but fresh enough for the Malaysian tongue.
And not to mention, their set lunch is much more worth it than Rakuzen.
With almost the same price for the set lunch, other than serving the usual chawanmushi, selected choice of main course, miso soup, fruits and appetizer of the day, they also include a plate of sashimi.

Sashimi To Unagi Set ( RM58)

My new favourite.
Soft Kani Karaage To Shake Kawa Sarada (RM20)
If you don't understand that, it means soft shell crab and salmon skin salad.
The salmon skin is incredibly crunchy and the soft shell crab is equally good.
I chose the Goma dressing for the day, also known as sesame dressing.

One thing absolutely amazing about this place is their pork. 
An absolute pleasure and a must try.
It is tender and flavorful.

Dad's favourite and approved by my mother.
Buta Kakuni Don (RM24)

I am writing this review and thinking if there's anything I could criticize about and really I find no fault in this restaurant and I could only sing words of praise.
Their ramen is another bowl goodness.

Tonkotsu Ramen (RM20)

Chasu Ramen (RM19)

Notate Baika cheese yaki (RM25)

Surume Ika Sugata Yaki (RM20)

Australian Wagyu ( 100gm ) equivalent to 6 small chunks of beef and plenty of enoki mushrooms teppanyaki style. Medium rare.
Flew in from Japan on the day itself and costs a bomb.
The sweet words of the manager swept us over without even asking for the price.
We were caught off guard and was very much caught in the moment as it was mom's birthday.
How much was it you say, that's for you to guess ;)
Does it taste as good as it cost? 
DEFINITELY, without a doubt.

I guess if I really had to say something about this place,
their grilled dishes is not really exceptional but not too bad either.

Would I give this place another try? 
I've already been back thrice, there's definitely a fifth and many more.
I brand this as one of my new all time favourite Japanese restaurant from today onwards.

Ichi Zen
G03, G-03A, G05 & G28,
First Subang, 
Jalan SS15/4G
47500 Subang Jaya
Fax: 603-56126311

For your information, there's a karaoke box in First Subang called Loudspeaker and that place is my all time favourite karaoke place too.
It's absolutely cheap and they provide free flow of drinks for ONLY RM9.90.
That is if you go in the afternoon and you're a student so be sure to bring your student IDs !
Don't be like Shannen the other day and pay additional RM10 for not bringing her ID and not getting the student discount.

Let's end this on a positive note and let's all wish my amazing mother a 

I'll be heading to Penang tomorrow with the fam so don't blame me if I can't keep the blog updated but there's always Instagram.
For more updates :D
Xxx, kaiwenchim.

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