Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#Entry 40: To our next hello.

The past week, everyone's finally in Malaysia
and I had great time catching up with all of them.
But of course,
When there's a hello,
There is bound to be a goodbye.
Yesterday, another one of my close friend, the one and only Tan Yin Bing is leaving for Australia to further her studies.
I've known her for so long, I literally don't remember how long.
Let's just count from my first year in Sri KL, which basically means I've known her for more than half my life, maybe around thirteen years ?
We've come a long way, huh Bing. (:
For the past thirteen years, we're always so close to each other being in the same school and all.
Of course, we weren't best friends right from the start but when we were, we were inseparable.
I don't know why but whenever I'm around you,
somehow, I just can't stop talking.
Maybe, you have a kind of magic on me ;)
I've written like two farewell notes for you already and by the time you read this third one,
you'll probably be in Australia already, trying to settle down.
This is really the first time we're been millions of miles apart from each other.
If I were to start talking about us and our history together,
I would never know where to start.
But here's one thing that I'm really proud of about us
and that is, we never had drama between us before.
Okay, maybe sometimes, rarely, there was that very few times that you get pissed with me but in the end you would still forgive me and you will never hold a grudge against me in that very big heart of yours.
HEY. At least I'm honoured enough to be one of the very very very few people that you get pissed with right ;)
There's going to be alot of firsts for you now that you're in a foreign land but always, always, always know that I'm right here for you if you ever feel down or you need someone to talk to.
I'm ON CALL 24 HOURS EVERYDAY. Never on holiday.
I'm just one click away.
There's facebook, skype, oovoo and all sorts of ways to communicate.
Distance ain't holding us back and distance is definitely not going to separate us <3

Priceless moments ahead.
If I didn't look back at our photos,
I guess I'll never remember the retarded things we did in high school.
This is like going to be a what puberty did to us post.
Not for the faint hearted.

(blurry but the only pre school photo I can find of us)

Our younger days. 
Lower secondary.

Charity Dinner.
Young innocence.
Everyone have that rebellious phase ? 
Guess that was ours. Haha.

My Birthday '09

The four of us with the milky way behind us.

I still remember, this was taken in Sushi Zanmai and you still had your braces on.

5 Gamma Class Trip. 

The very lame but very fun 5 Gamma that we were a part of.

The five of us during Graduation. <3

Like the song says, you can COUNT ON ME like one two three, I'll be there (:

Prom '11

Our first mini farewell in the middle of last month.

Our second mini farewell last week after karaoke.

Third and last mini farewell yesterday.
Mini presentation ceremony of farewell card from myself to you yesterday.

To say that I'm not gonna miss you is a lie.
We've been through alot the past thirteen years,
we've seen each other grow to the person we are together,
we've been through that journey together,
we've did all sorts of retarded things that's really embarrassing to look back at now,
Yes, it's embarrassing but I don't regret it.
We were young and we weren't exactly wild but we had our moments.
And I'm glad that I've met you.
Stay strong, work hard, play hard
Keep in touch and I love you <3 <3 <3 
I'll be right here waiting for you. 
Till our next hello (:
(P.S Underwear = And I swear 
in minion language )


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