Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Entry #39: Finally Home

While I was in the karaoke box the other day with my friends, 
I received a phone call from my Mom.
At first, I thought she was going to ask her usual questions about who I'm out with, what I'm doing and when I'll be home but this time, to my surprise, 
She called to inform me that there's finally news about Jojo after seven days of disappearance. 
When I returned that day,
I'm glad to see my baby Jojo is back looking handsome.
The kind person that took him in sent him to the groomer's and that's how we found him.
Through a chip implanted in him which contain his identity and his owner's contact information.
The previous owner called us up to notify us and my brother went to verify and bring him home.

Looking handsome, doesn't he !

I'm really grateful to the person that took him in and sent him to the groomers,
I'm really thankful to have friends that would come over to my place just to help me put up the posters,
I really appreciated those that shared my post in Facebook despite not knowing me,
I'm really grateful to those that show concerned about Jojo's whereabouts,
and last but not least, I'm just glad that you're finally home, Jojo.
We've missed you.
However, since he's back he gets irritated really easily but we can work on that.
As long as he's home.
The house feels complete again (:

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