Sunday, July 14, 2013

Entry #38: Not your typical Malaysian driver.

I'm definitely not your typical Malaysian driver but I am definitely your typical female driver.

Okla, not exactly THAT bad.
I just can't do reverse parking, side parking by reverse parking and going up a parking lot.
But on the other hand, I don't even fit the mainstream description of a female.
I don't think I've told you this before
I can't multitask.
The other day as I was driving with Fatty next to me,
I completely violated the traffic regulation and barged myself in my red car past two red lights cause I was engaged in a heated argument with the fatty.
Did I ever mention driving with the fatty is extremely stressful cause instead of listening to the GPS, she's like another GPS on her own questioning the real GPS and we'll end up driving around the whole of Selangor.
That day itself, I drove past AT LEAST five tols to get to Bandar Utama to pick up Callie (short for Calista )  and I think the guard at her place remembers my face already because of my embarrassing mushroom head of a driving ID photo and repeated attempts to drive into the condominium area through the KELUAR sign instead of the MASUK sign. They don't even bother giving me the visitor's pass anymore when I was dropping Callie off cause I'm too bimbotic to actually be a criminal.
However, we still ended up in Publika safely despite all the wrong turns.
Another achievement unlocked !
I'm getting better at this skill called driving day by day. *winks*
Also, that day, while I was driving, it drizzled approximately five times.
Not exaggerating.
It was a rainy day.
We were supposed to meet up with Thambi ( short for Tham Ming Li ) for lunch at around 1 ?
Being a typical Malaysian, I guess punctuality is not our forte.
We arrived an hour later.
Originally, our plan was to have lunch at The Bee in Publika
but after visiting The Bee, Thambi informed us that they were having some kitchen difficulties and only serves pizzas and sandwiches for lunch that day.
We decided against having lunch there and she made a low profile escape, partially hiding her face from all the embarrassment.
When we arrived, we saw a very hungry and nearly irritated Thambi at the entrance of Namoo on the park.
At that time, we still haven't made up our mind about where to eat so we walked around Publika, landed in Ben's General Food Store, sat down, read the menu and once again, we walked out of the restaurant and ended up in ???
Made a wrong turn once or twice,
but ended up at the same place.

Romantic times with my girls <3

Fatty's pick : Bibimbap

My pick: Omuto with white sauce.
Basically, Rice wrapped in Omelette with chicken on top and white sauce poured over it. Similar to most korean restaurants, their rice is glutinous and that makes the dish slightly more appetizing.
According to fatty, it tastes like airport food. LOL.
But yes, it's not a dish that I would come back for.

Callie's pick: Bibi Rice Burger.

Thambi's pick: Bulgogi Beef Noodles.

Namoo on the park is a Korean dessert cafe and bistro but sadly, we didn't try out their delectable looking desserts. 
So Namoo, I'll be back on your park soon enough to give you another try !
Wait for me.

After lunch, we had our fill of chocolate delights at Salon du Chocolat.
Salon du Chocolat is a chocolatier that offers a wide variety of innovative chocolate creations. If you're there, stop by to have a taste of their Pistachio Croquat wrapped with a fragrant layer of rose petals, it's definitely must try. And not to mention, trying is free of charge. 
Their chocolate is definitely one of a kind and hard to resist.
I was even tempted to buy some for myself.

One thing about Salon du Chocolat in publika is that they have really limited spaces available.
There's only four small tables in the shop that could house a certain amount of people.
When we arrived at the place, there was no seats for us at all so we stick around and do what we do best.

From Left to Right : Callie, Fatty, Thambi, Yours truly <3

Much like dip n dip, they serve brownies crepe at Salon du Chocolat too and if I were to make a comparison, I would say I prefer the brownies crepe at Salon du Chocolat more compared to Dip n Dip.
The prices here are also much more reasonable but they offer lesser variety.

Donuts beautifully drizzled with a mixture of melted chocolate.
Soft and fluffy donuts paired with the sweetness of the chocolate, this taste heavenly good.

Here's a sneak peek of the menu in Salon du Chocolat.

I'm not a big chocolate lover but I will definitely come back for more chocolate filled sweetness.

Writing this post at 4am in the morning is killing me.
The cravings are starting to kick in so I should end my post here and hit the hay.


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