Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Entry #37 : Tomorrow is right now.

Blogging is definitely not something you could keep up with easily. Everyone can write but when you're occupied with living life, dealing with what life throws at you, going through an emotional roller coaster, it's really hard to find balance between it all and finding time to blog. And the worse thing is, I'm on a break right now and I'm suppose to have more time to manage my blog properly.

"I'm lazy"
"I'm tired"
"I don't feel it today" 
"There's no oomph"
"I'm having a writer's block" 
"MAYBE tomorrow"
"Or the day after tomorrow"
"Or the following day" 
*the list goes on*

These are the few out of the many excuses I make when I contemplate to blog or not to blog.
And seriously, procrastination kills.
You will never get anything done and when will this tomorrow that we speak of come ? 
Probably never. 
Until we make a decision to change.
Tomorrow might just be RIGHT NOW.

In B&W

I have plenty of things to blog about but not today. 
There's an even more pressing matter to talk about today.
If you guys didn't add me on Facebook or follow me on twitter,
Here's the news.
Last Friday (5/7/2013) morning, my beloved dog, Jojo secretly ran out of the house and he is currently nowhere to be found. 
I searched the neighborhood, put up posters and posted a notice on Facebook but until today, no one contacted me and I'm still very much worried about his well being.
I will continue to search around the neighborhood and I would appreciate it if anyone could notify me if they found or saw a dog similar to Jojo. 

To be honest, I've adopted Jojo from one of my mom's friends but just because he was adopted, doesn't mean he's not very much a part of the family.
He have always been a really timid dog right from the start,
He enjoys being pampered rather than playing with toys,
He always barks and get extra defensive when a stranger passes by or enters the house,
He usually get bullied by Milo, my other dog despite being the superior one in size and his food normally get snatched by milo and he wouldn't notice at all nor would he get mad,
He's practically like Milo's gay partner since he rides on him and hump sometimes OMG,
He's not one to secretly run out of the house so he wouldn't know his way back home if he was lost,
If anyone sees him on the street, please do guide him home. 
Without him, the house feels rather different and slightly incomplete.
No matter what, whether he returns home or not, I hope he's somewhere safe right now.
And if he were to find a new owner, I hope they treat him well. I hope they treat better than I ever did.
Before I leave, I really appreciated those who shared my link on Facebook and my friends who was concerned about Jojo and those that even offered to help me put posters up around my neighbourhood. Here's a big thank you and eternal gratitude !!
Love, kaiwen.

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