Monday, July 1, 2013

Entry #36: Cheer 2013 Pt.2

Continued from the previous post,
After the last team performed for the All Girls division, 
and while the judges are tabulating the results and before the results were announced,
there were three performances by CHARM.
And one of the main reasons I'm there is for this.
A four and a half minutes long awesome performance showcased by the Cheer Aspiration cheerleaders.
It's definitely a performance you don't want to miss.
Click on the play button, rape it repeatedly and be amazed ! 
They did such an amazing job that I had goosebumps.

I absolutely love the dance and the routine is very well arranged.
What can I say?
That is the entire definition of Awesome.

Anyways, after the performance and much anticipation, the results were announced and all the awards were given out.
Some teams were screaming in disbelief and happiness while some were left disappointed and demotivated but that's how competitions work, isn't it?
There will be winners and there will be those who didn't win anything but nobody left that stadium empty handed because the experience you've gained and the moments you've shared with your team and the memories you've built with everyone in that stadium is priceless and in the end, it is the most valuable prize you could every receive.
As long as you've did your best then, you shouldn't hold any regrets leaving that stadium because you've given it your all and that's what matters.
Also, yesterday I've seen plenty of teams that have improved tremendously from the previous years.
The standard of cheerleading in Malaysia have improved greatly compared to the previous years.
The improvement is really quite obvious, 
every year, the difficulties are getting higher and higher,
every year, the routine are getting cleaner and the motions are getting sharper,
and despite the change in rules for the competition,
surprisingly, the routines are getting more interesting and creativc.
The teams are really getting stronger every year and despite winning or not,
Because there's always better.
So work hard, do not give up, have faith and I'll see you again next season.
I'm sure it'll just keep getting better from here on and I hope to see more teams next year.
Feels like the number of teams competing have decreased this year.

I know I didn't take much pictures but I do have some so I'll still share it here.

Let me introduce to you 


I went to the competition with this woman, Choong Wee Lee with brown hair amongst the crowd, the fatty next to her with his faced looking away from the camera, Lim Si Ching.

MY very own fatty right here called Regine Chan

And last but not least, this extremely free caveman, Kevin Lim that was very reluctant to join us at first.

Tina with her usual crazy smile.
How I miss cheering with her !
How I miss all my babies and all their craziness !
If only I could turn back time and relive those moments.

Karynn who just came back from studying in Malacca.
Can't wait to cheer with her again (:

Before I leave, congratulations to those who have won and those who didn't, don't be ashamed, lift your heads up high and try again next year. 
Love, kaiwen. :D

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