Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Entry #47: Zen

Today was a sunny day, I woke up to the sound of my alarm telling me to get my ass up and get ready to go for facial. I've always wanted to say this but I didn't get the chance to so now's the time.
You know what facial feels like? You may think that it's all relaxing and zen but really it feels like you've went to hell and come back alive because of the stinging pain from the needle poking right under your skin. When I first went for facial, I was really taken aback and I was surprised at what people would do in the name of beauty. Including myself. However, I'm grateful that I did went because my skin did show some major improvement. I had really bad acne problems in junior high but by senior high, it gradually improved. It's not flawless but it's better now so I'm happy enough. Facial took around 2 hours or so? Usually after facial, I would find myself worn out which I used to think it was weird cause all I did was lie down on the bed, endure the stinging pain and let the beautician do her magic. So I went home and did some research. During a facial treatment, they also give you a massage and a massage is a form of passive exercise your body is doing, much like working out itself. Paired with the cooling mask on your face, you're in a very relaxed state of mind. You should be feeling very zen in the moment. In a way, your mind is destressing so it's not unusual to feel tired. It is perfectly fine to fall asleep after the treatment and when you're at home. You'll even fall into a deep slumber rather than a restless sleep since you're feeling much relaxed after the treatment. Give your body this time to rest from all the emotional baggage, unnecessary worries and stress that you've given yourself. Don't be too harsh on your body or yourself. Love your body and let it find its balance once again. Of course after the treatment, we didn't go home right away. Other than sleep, one also needs to eat. The other necessity in life. For lunch, we had Balinese cuisine. Much like chinese food, I've grown up eating Indonesian food so I'm accustomed to their taste. You know how when you're familiar with something and you take it for granted? I grew up eating chinese and indonesian food and I don't analyze every taste when I was young so as I grow up, I can't precisely tell you why the food is good but I just KNOW IT if it's good and THIS is good. Well, acceptable and much more affordable as compared to Ole-ole Bali which I think is over rated.

The place we've visited for lunch was called the Uma and the interior is designed carefully to bring out the feel of being in Bali yourself. It is non-halal and they do serve pork in their menu.

We ordered a four person set.
To be precise from A-D, we ordered the one with third alphabet.
All the sets are served with four plates of rice and you can choose between
a) White Rice
b) Black-Eyed-Pea Rice (LOLOLOL I never knew black eyed peas have a rice named after them)
c) Yellow Rice ( My pick for the day )


Set C consists of 
-Balinese Pork Ribs
-Balinese Lamb Curry ( we exchanged it for fish in balinese leaf )
-Balinese Grilled Half Chicken
-Minced Fish Satay
-Assem Pork Sausage
-Egg Sambal
-Mixed Vegetable Salad
-Stir Fry Long Bean
-Spiced Potato fries
Served with Sambal MBE, Sambal Tomat and Sambal Kecap.
If you don't know, Indonesian and Balinese cuisine is known for its specially prepared sauce which pairs really well with the dishes.

Among it all, my favourite would be the Egg Sambal.
OMG, it's so good I'm lovin' it.
The mixed vegetable salad comes in a close second.
Third, it has to be the Balinese Pork Ribs.
Overall, I'm satisfied. 
However, the fish is not very fresh.
The one thing I have to complain about.

Es Campur Bali

It's different and sets itself apart from the usual ABC/ Ice Kacang we eat in the sense that they don't use red beans, nuts or packaged corns and instead they use Jackfruit, Cendol, Cincau, Nata de coco and avocado in milk syrup. I like it but if the ice is shaved, it would be even perfect.

The Uma Restaurant
7-G & 7-1 Jalan PJU 5/21
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya 47810
Selangor, Malaysia 
Tel: +603 61422771

After a satisfying lunch, we headed back home and I fell asleep on the way back and followed it up at home.
I don't remember what time I woke up but I did wake up to exercise and drink a fruit juice, snacks and finally tried a yam pie from Mcdonalds.
I prefer the yam pie compared to the usual apple pie.
That's how my carefree day ended and here I am now to wish you goodnight.

( psssst. it's someone's birthday month. GUESS WHO )

I'm also doing a #photoaday challenge on Instagram this month.
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What are regrets?
At the end of the day, regrets are just chances we didn't take.
Losing to one's own fear.
Being a coward.
A wrong choice is not a regret, at least at one point of time, you truly believed it is the right choice.
You don't know how life plays it out after making that decision so just leave it in the hands of God.
If it were to fail, remember that God gave you this life because you're strong enough to live it.
Persevere. A rainbow is just around the corner.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Entry #46: One without the other simply cannot do.

For simple reasons.

  • I LOVE TO EAT. Alot.
  • Muscles burn more fats
  • To have an active lifestyle
  • With good stamina, you can play any sport you want, have better reflexes and better body coordination
Moving on,
I've finally found my new favourite place for Eggs Benedict.
Everything about it was just perfect.
I simply can't contain my excitement and I have to share my happiness with all of you now.
In the heart of Bangsar, on Jalan Telawi 2 and a shop or two away from Antipodean sit another great place for breakfast/brunch with family and friends.
From the first look, it looks like your typical boulangerie that sells bread but when you've stepped inside, 
you'll find yourself in a cozy and warm bistro.
With dim lights, the smell of bread lingering in the air, small tables with mahjong papers on top and fresh flowers as decoration everywhere, you can't help but feel comfortable and all fuzzy inside when you take a seat in this bistro, boulangerie and wine bar.
If you haven't guessed it yet, this place is none other than Yeast Bistronomy.

Eggs Benedict ( RM18 )
You can choose between a choice of smoked salmon or turkey ham.
This time around, I chose the turkey ham.

The fluffiness of the bread, the smoked turkey ham, the perfectly poached eggs and the right amount of Hollandaise sauce on top definitely makes an incredibly good Eggs Benedict.
I've been to many different places to try their Eggs Benedict and it's either 
one, the bread is too hard, 
two, the eggs are too rubbery,
three, the eggs are overcooked and the yolk doesn't come running out,
four, the taste of the egg is so strong, it covers up the taste of everything else.
That's the usual flaws of Eggs Benedict.
Eggs benedict may seem like a very easy dish to make (similar to macaroons) but it's definitely one that tests your skills very much and I would say so far, Yeast is the one place that delivered one of the best Eggs Benedict I've tried in KL.
I have no complains.
If you don't trust me, drop by and give it a try.
You won't regret it.

Eggs Florentine ( RM17 )

Sorreh the bread look like a dead fish here.
Bestfriend wasn't in the mood to take pictures today.

Camomile Tea ( RM7 )

Yeast Bistronomy
24G Jalan Telawi 2,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03-2282 0118
Opening hours:  
Tue-Thurs : 8.00 am -10.00pm
Fri-Sat: 8.00 am - 10.30 pm
Sun: 8.00 am - 10.00 pm

Hippie Pictures from today.
Hipster to the max.

Hi tea with my mother at home.
Rainbow cake and scones from Chinoz, Bangsar Shopping Complex.
Chocolate from Patchi.

This rainbow cake with matkool looking icing is pretty good.
Moist, not too sweet and each layer has a different taste.
Yellow - Lemon
Orange - Orange
Pink - Strawberry
Purple - Yam
Blue - Unidentified. Could be just plain butter cake.
Green - Pandan

Like I said, I like to eat. Alot.
So how can I not exercise to burn all those extra calories intake.
One without the other simply cannot do.

You are responsible for your body.
Your body is like a flower,
care for it, nourish it, love it and it will bloom like the beautiful flower you are.

Today also marks the first time I've ever tried threading. ( Skip if you're of the opposite sex )
If you don't know what threading is,

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal originating in the Eastern world
In threading, a thin (cotton)heavy duty thread is doubled, then twisted. It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at thefollicle level. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short lines of hair.
Advantages cited for eyebrow threading, as opposed to eyebrow waxing, are that it provides more precise control in shaping eyebrows and is more gentle on the skin. -Wikipedia

For RM5, they'll help you trim your eyebrows or remove your facial hair for you, the entire process was quick but slightly painful. After threading, you'll feel a slight itch and the area where you did your threading will appear reddish as if a bee just stung you for about ten minutes. I would say threading is not too bad, it doesn't hurt as bad as tweezing. Especially to those that find the short and thin hair above your upper lip annoying,  I recommend you to go for threading. It's affordable, quick and hassle free.
I shall end my post here.
Goodnight ! (:
Till the next time.

Lights will guide you home

Monday, July 29, 2013

Entry #45 : A sudden outburst.

People break up for many different reasons.
petty little things, big matters or even several chain of small things that eventually became a big problem
sometimes, they may have cheated,
they may have lost trust in their relationship,
sometimes, they may have enough of each other,
sometimes, they just eventually finds out they're not compatible anymore,
sometimes, it's because of circumstances or obligations,
sometimes, it's because of principles,
sometimes, it's out of love that you break up 
because letting go is a kind of love too,
but if it's meant to be yours, it'll eventually find its way back to you

People think, 
everyone have their own inner struggles, 
they probably took alot of things into consideration before making a decision,
most likely they've gone on an emotional journey to come up with the conclusion.

They may have made that decision based on selfish reasons.
If they do that, they're just assholes so don't waste your tears on them.

They may also make that decision because they wanted the best for you and they think they couldn't give you the best.
To be honest, I hate this reason the most.
What you think is the best for the other person may not really be the best.
Do you consider their feelings and have you asked for their opinion before making such a rash decision?
Instead of thinking about all these unknowns that you don't know will or will not happen, why not just take everything one step at a time and focus on right now?
Is it better to give up on this special and beautiful thing that you have between the two of you because of your own beliefs?
Or do you want to try harder to make them feel like the happiest person on earth?
Because really, sometimes you don't what you're capable of.
You're capable of so much more than just giving up.

It may even be the right person but the wrong time.
And maybe one day, the right time will come.
Have faith in the Lord,
everything will work out just right.

At the end of it all,
regardless of how it ended up,
just know that you can't force your ideas into another person's mind,
you can't make everyone think like you,
what seems logical to you may not be logical to them,
so let it go.
Fight for it while you can,
but when the right time comes, 
know when to let go.
move on.
matters to the heart can't be forced.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Post #44 : P.A.C invades Melaka

Hmm, Where do I start? 
Let's start with how this impromptu trip came along.
Do you see the tittle of the post? 
P.A.C basically stands for Penang Apartment Club.
And who's in P.A.C you ask?
Well, you have to read on to find out, don't you.
It's pretty ironic how we're called the PENANG apartment club but we ended up in Malacca.
I guess you could say if Plan A fails, we don't sit around and mope but proceed ahead with Plan B.
Hence, our Plan B was to go on a one day road trip to Malacca and we postponed the Penang trip to later in the year.
The day started with Dim Sum for breakfast in Kepong 
then we started our very first road trip together to Melaka.
I was asleep throughout the ride to Melaka as per usual so I missed out on all the fun in the car.
Oooops. Hehe.
The journey to Melaka didn't take too long and we reached Melaka safely in the afternoon.
All along, our entire goal in Melaka was to eat, eat, eat and eat and of course, have fun. #YOLO
Our first suggestion after much debate in the car was to walk around the shopping malls nearby ( i.e Mahkota Parade and Mahkota Plaza ) because being the 'puteri lilin' we all are (male and female alike) , we can't bring ourselves to walk around Jonker Street under the unbearable heat in the afternoon.
Jonker Street will have to wait till noon time.
Also because we were too thrifty to spend on parking money in the shopping mall, 
we decided to park at the free parking near Christ Church and walk to Mahkota Parade.
THAT right there was the biggest mistake we ever made, honestly cause we ended up pacing back and forth between Little India and Christ Church, got lost along the way, found an old rundown and abandoned building along the way and decided it's a good spot to snap photos.
It all happened under the excruciating heat. FOL.

We ended up having the famous chicken rice balls, coconut water and nyonya cendol as our first meal in Melaka.

Was never a big fan of Chicken Rice Balls and I've definitely tasted better chicken and roasted pork in KL.
Nothing special here.

The first sip of the chilled coconut water that runs down the throat taste so heavenly.
The significance of coconut have greatly increased that day.
That coconut feels like
Rain when there is a draught,
Fresh air when you're in a room full of fart,
A blanket during winter
And aircond during summer.

After that long journey of getting lost, we reverted back to the comfort of the car instead of torturing our legs and sun burning our skin.
But when the car started moving, we felt our butts vibrating and there was a weird sound emitting from the car so we started panicking and drove at the speed of a turtle, stopped the car on the road side and checked the tyres.
To our surprise, 
there were some troubles with the tyre and the cover for the tyre that prevents air from escaping and allows air to be pumped in was nowhere to be found for the front tyre and for the back tyre, it was loose.
It feels like someone just gave us a really bad joke.
What happened to morality !
We then found our way to the nearest petrol station and workshop to have the car checked.
Didn't find any other problem and so, we drove to Jonker Streets.
I was quite eager to walk the streets but never would I have thought that the shops are closing one by one when we arrived.
And the food stalls only have a limited choice of food to sell cause it was all sold out.
EVEN the toilets were closed. 
Seriously, nothing went as planned that day.
But we still went sightseeing and bought some things in between.

The durian puff sold in Melaka is definitely way better than the branch opened in SS15.
Give it a try if you're in Melaka.

Not your typical girl in a dress?

After a long walk in jonker streets, 
We decided to have satay celup for dinner in a shop called Capitol Satay.
We waited for a seat for around an hour before getting a seat.
I was really anticipating it as the crowd there was crazy and the line was really long.

Camwhore some more while waiting for our turn.

Remember the Fat One Steamboat theory I used previously?
It's the same for this shop.
You select the sticks you would like to eat, bring it over to your table, dip it in the boiling soup and eat it when it's ready.

That day, I realize my friends are 'si ham' killers too !

 It's RM0.90 per stick.

One thing different and special is that they use the satay peanut sauce as a soup base instead of the usual clear or tom yam soup.

Number of sticks we've eaten.
It's definitely a good experience but I wouldn't say I'd wait for another hour just to eat this.

After we're done with dinner, we drove over to Mahkota Parade at the speed of light to buy a few slices of Nadeje cakes to bring back home. We were rushing cause the shop was close to closing time and we can't go home without a slice or two of the famous Nadeje cake, can we.
Took a round turn on the way back to KL and almost ended up in Johor but we made it home safe.
There was an unhappy experience along the way but we'll talk about that another day if there's a chance.

Despite all the wrong turns, long walks and missing out on all the special penang food, I still had fun with em' P.A.C-ians.
It's the company that counts no matter where we go and with them, it's never a boring day.
We invaded Genting too the next day but that's another day's story.
It's late so I shall end the post with
more shots from the day.

P.A.C (excluding some other members )
From Left to Right: Kevballs, Robin Hood, Weelee, Fatty and myself.

Hello Kitty trishaw puller.
A trishaw puller is like a bicycle attached to a seat that gives you a ride around the area.
A popular attraction among the tourists.

Goodnight !
Xx, kaiwenchim <3