Sunday, June 23, 2013

Entry #34 : Picking up the missing pieces

What you've missed on last month's daily doses of kaiwen-ness.
Here's what you've missed.

 Kai Wen started baking.
I'm a beginner. Don't judge.

Here's my very first batch of chocolate chip cookies.
This was definitely an unexpected surprise, they're vanilla chocolate chip cookies but they tasted more like BANANA chocolate chip cookies OMG.
Well, it's been a long time since I've baked, so I'm back to square one and I'm ready to achieve greater heights. That's what I say everytime, right. So you can choose to listen first.

Here's my second batch of cookies.
Oatmeal raisin cookies.

This tasted really good ! - From a trusted and reliable source.
Tested and approved.
I'm seeing improvement in my baking skills.
It's coming back. It's coming back. *referring to my long rusted baking skills*

Superman have officially flew over to US where he was raised since birth. Ok, not really.
If he is really the fictional character from the movie then it's true but he's not.
He is really born and bred in Malaysia but he pretty much migrated to US already *cries*
It's been over two weeks now since he flew over and he has abandoned the role of superman and took on the role of Captain America cause Superman was such a bad movie.
In chinese, this is what we call jumping ships but for this case, I guess you call it jumping Superheroes?

Free movie ticket due to excessive spending in Forever 21 sometime last month.

Third and last movie date with this fellar before he left.

Overly ajinomoto-ed chicken flavoured popcorns.
If you live in Malaysia and you've tasted this junk food called chicken ring,
it tasted like chicken rings but in the popcorn form.

Outside the bak kut teh shop in SS15.
Our last breakfast together.

 I've spent most of my nights with these awesome people at the mamak in kepong growing fat together.
But no more.
I am now a changed person. Starting today.
Challenge to eat clean for two weeks starts from this moment on.

Before that, here's the two must order rotis whenever we're at the mamak.

Roti tissue !
Rather than being coated with sugar, this roti tissue is coated with kaya.
So sinful but so good.

Roti Bom ! 
I love this too. 

I used to wonder how people could visit the mamak so often and for so long in the middle of the night ? Now I know.
We sit, eat, talk crap and then talk more crap and order some more food.
In US, they have bars but in Malaysia, we have mamaks.
Economy friendly and satisfying but incredibly unhealthy and very diabetes inducing.

 I've spent most of my mornings going on food hunt with Lyshalok which I adore to the moon and back.
And I have a tendency to steal her instagram photos cause she does a great job editing it and I have full trust in her editing skills.
In other words.
I'm too lazy.

It was a beautiful afternoon

to dress up and meet up and eat up.

The day started with
my third visit to antipodean in my life.
No big breakfast this time around but I've discovered something even more delectable.

This salad is to die for.
The salad is like an explosion of taste, the salmon taste is lightly covered by the sweetness of the fig, the crunchiness of the roasted cashewnut gives a different kind of excitement to the green rocket, the olive oil and vinegar gives just the right amount of tanginess and flavour to the salad. Pure awesomeness. Insanely gratifying. MUST TRY.

Lamb kebab with golden couscous.
My bestfriend's favourite.

Don't judge me for ordering that french fries.
I was craving for it.

After our stop at Antipodean,
we walked around to look for a place to shisha but failed terribly cause no shisha opens in broad daylight apparently.
Plan A failed.
So we moved on to Plan B, 
I walked the bestfriend to do her eyebrows and then went for Round 2 of Food Hunt of the day at
If you don't already know,
nosh also stands for food. How cute is that.

RM19.90 for two mini sized desserts.
Our pick of the day was
Sweet Potato Azuki Gateaux a.k.a zombie carrot cake ( what the bestfriend calls it )
I have a friend asking me whether it was spaghetti. OMG.

I liked this.
Sweet potato cream and green tea cake never goes wrong.

Earl Grey Creme Brulee.

The caramelized layer on top has a burnt taste to it.
However, I like the idea of earl grey cream brulee.
If only the sugar was browned properly.

After having our share of desserts at NOSH,
we proceeded with some window shopping, bakery hopping and landed in Tedboy Bakery where we gave in to gluttony, once again.

Carrot soup and a slice of bread.
I was craving for soup but this was definitely not what I have in mind.
The carrot soup is way too bland and no amount of salt and pepper could save it.
Sometimes, I'm amazed at the number of cravings I have in a day and the worse thing is these cravings start kicking in at night which causes insomnia.
Deprived of sleep due to excessive thinking of food.
First time I've heard of that. LOL.

Sweet Cream Cheese Bagel.
This was good.

Slices of bread accompanied by olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 
How we like our bread served.

I'm sad to say, this is where our food hunt of the day ends.
But seriously, we basically ate and walked the Telawi streets, ate and walk another round and end up eating again.
This is pure gluttony but it was a day well spent.
It was the first time I drove all the way to Bangsar all by myself too ! *achievement unloacked*

#5 I'm hooked on this korean drama called The Gu Family Book.
Actually, I had a love hate relationship with this drama because of the tragic love story shown in the beginning but after the exams I had some free time to burn so I continued watching the following episodes which explains my short absence even after exams ended. The drama progresses to a cute love story between the second generation, another few heartbreaks, heart wrenching moments, ching chong ling long fighting scenes and turns out, I'm hooked on the drama YET AGAIN.
Excuse my lack of self discipline when it comes to dramas.
Old habits die hard. *winks*

#6 Back to red
My hair is officially red once more.

One last thing before I end this post,
according to my orthodontist,
Wait, I mean debonding next month.
I literally thought he said deboning though. LMFAO.
Time to remove these braces of mine and be brace FREE and not brace FACE !
I hope he's not lying to me this time. *excited*

I shall take my leave now.
Goodnight, peeps !

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