Thursday, June 20, 2013

Entry #33 : Some serious relationship talk.

In every relationship there will always be one person on the receiving end and the other on the giving end.
To keep a relationship alive is not just about keeping the balance,
there comes a time where you will be the one that gives more, 
where you will be the one that forgives more,
where you will be the one that tolerate the other person's behaviour more,
where you will be the rock in the relationship
and you have to be the pillar of strength to keeps things together.
But know that,
that's alright 
it's perfectly fine.
Because that's how a relationship works,
maybe now you will be the one that gives more 
but there was a time where you received more.
Or you could say, there will be a time you would receive more.
The same goes for after a breakup.
There will always be the one person in the relationship that will keep holding on,
even when the other have moved on.
The person left behind may be the person that receives more or even the one that gives more,
sometimes nobody knows what went wrong.
Sometimes, it just happened so gradually, 
you had a hard time accepting what was happening
so you needed time. 
Time to recover and time to move on.
Taking your time is not entirely a bad thing.
Because only after you've recovered from your old wound, 
can you learn to love again with no reservations.
Honestly, being the one left behind sucks.
Looking at them move on and you're left there all alone at the same spot is not somewhere you would want to be either.
But that's where you're wrong,
You are not alone,
You have God, you have families and you have friends.
At one point of time, 
you will constantly think of what went wrong,
you would scrutinize every single detail,
analyze every single conversation,
relive every single dates in your mind,
you would stalk,
you would drown yourself in sorrow,
you would even ponder why are you so very silly,
you would go through a phase of grief
because you've lost a part of your life
that you know will never come back.
It will dawn upon you and you would struggle to accept it.
It will be hard
but you are strong enough to endure this.
God only give you this life because you could endure it.
So stay strong.
You will get through it.
Do something you love,
go out,
read a book, 
exercise (working out releases a happy hormone called endorphine ) ,
sing your lungs out in the toilet,
dance like a chicken in your room.
do anything that makes you happy 
but of course, keep away from drugs. That's a no no.

Here's a video my bestfriend shared with me.
Spare some time to watch it.

Love looks beyond imperfections, 
Love looks beyond beauty,
Love is between two people and nobody else, 
don't let trivial matters like other people's opinion affect you.
Their opinion don't matter.

I have alot more to say but I guess that would have to wait for another day.
Goodnight, dear readers.

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