Sunday, June 30, 2013

Entry #35 : Cheer 2013

Before the newspaper breaks the news to you, 
I'm here to say SRIKL STRIKES AGAIN.
This time they did not only bring back ONE gold medal, they brought back TWO gold medal along with the best supporter's award. And kudos to Cyrens for breaking the record by wining the champion title not once, not twice, not thrice but FOUR times in a row. They say third time's the charm but I guess not for this case. CYRENS NEVER QUIT, NEVER FALL.

Entering the stadium once more, brings me back to two years ago when I was once a highschool cheerleader, the anxiety I felt the moment I stepped into the stadium, arriving early with my cheermates to put our make up on, set our hair, run trough the countings in our minds together as a team, warming up at the backstage, giving words of encouragement to each other, calming each other's tits, doing everything together, giving our all on the blue mats, sitting in a circle holding hands while anxiously waiting for the results to be announced and crying tears of joy in the end. 
Fastforward to two years later and I'm here at the sidelines, supporting three of my favourite teams and maybe, steal a few glances of some good looking eye candies while I'm at it. Oh gosh, I'm shameless.
We arrived at the stadium at around 9.30am and right at the entrance they were giving away free mints and I would say that's a great way to start off the morning. Who don't like free goodies?
We made our way into the stadium competition hall and the crowd was as amazing as ever. This year, SriKL really stepped it up with their supporters. They even have a mermaid mascot other than their usual band, vuvuzelas, whistles and sea of supporters! I'm impressed. 
I do apologize for not capturing enough photos though. I was trying to live the moment or simply put, I'm just incredibly lazy nowadays. Staying at home doing nothing other than sleeping and eating really turn you into a professional slacker. I need to find something to do soon. REAL SOON.
We walked around the stadium hunting for the best seats and ended up amongst the Cyrens and Rayvens supporter seats where our loyalty lies as fellow Sri KL-ians and ex Rayvens cheerleaders.
To kick off the event, they started with the All Girls Junior division which was newly established this year. 
And here's a video of my bias team, Rayvens.

It's their first year joining the All Girls Jr division and they did an incredible job.
They kept their spirits up, fought for their stunts, worked as a team, hit a perfect routine and impressed everyone with their solid performance. I'm really proud of these girls. Congratulations on being the very first Champion for the All Girls Junior category, girls ! 
P.S ignore the screams and shouts at the background, I couldn't hold my excitement and yes, I'm fully aware that when I shout WHITE i sound like a frog. DON'T LAUGH.

After the All Girls Jr division, it was the Co ed division and the winner for this category is none other than the Mickeymitez. The Mickeys are strong and the male flyer is just too good. You'll be amazed.

Check out Zelts from Sri Emas International School too, they're a newcomer and they came in second.

Finally, after the Co ed division, it's time for the All Girls division that we've all been waiting for.

Once again, cyrens delivered a jaw dropping performance which impressed the panel of judges and made the crowd go wild. Their consistency to deliver a perfect routine each time along with the level of confidence and energy projected definitely set them apart from all the other teams. Despite the injuries, they still gave it their all and did their best. Without a doubt, they've set a standard for the other teams to reach and the other teams have been improving tremendously from the past few years. Cheerleading in Malaysia is definitely growing bigger and better.

Calyx from SMJK Katholik. The ladies of pink that's always a team to look out for every year. 
It's late so I will end my post here.
I'll continue from where I left off tomorrow so stay tuned ! 

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