Sunday, June 30, 2013

Entry #35 : Cheer 2013

Before the newspaper breaks the news to you, 
I'm here to say SRIKL STRIKES AGAIN.
This time they did not only bring back ONE gold medal, they brought back TWO gold medal along with the best supporter's award. And kudos to Cyrens for breaking the record by wining the champion title not once, not twice, not thrice but FOUR times in a row. They say third time's the charm but I guess not for this case. CYRENS NEVER QUIT, NEVER FALL.

Entering the stadium once more, brings me back to two years ago when I was once a highschool cheerleader, the anxiety I felt the moment I stepped into the stadium, arriving early with my cheermates to put our make up on, set our hair, run trough the countings in our minds together as a team, warming up at the backstage, giving words of encouragement to each other, calming each other's tits, doing everything together, giving our all on the blue mats, sitting in a circle holding hands while anxiously waiting for the results to be announced and crying tears of joy in the end. 
Fastforward to two years later and I'm here at the sidelines, supporting three of my favourite teams and maybe, steal a few glances of some good looking eye candies while I'm at it. Oh gosh, I'm shameless.
We arrived at the stadium at around 9.30am and right at the entrance they were giving away free mints and I would say that's a great way to start off the morning. Who don't like free goodies?
We made our way into the stadium competition hall and the crowd was as amazing as ever. This year, SriKL really stepped it up with their supporters. They even have a mermaid mascot other than their usual band, vuvuzelas, whistles and sea of supporters! I'm impressed. 
I do apologize for not capturing enough photos though. I was trying to live the moment or simply put, I'm just incredibly lazy nowadays. Staying at home doing nothing other than sleeping and eating really turn you into a professional slacker. I need to find something to do soon. REAL SOON.
We walked around the stadium hunting for the best seats and ended up amongst the Cyrens and Rayvens supporter seats where our loyalty lies as fellow Sri KL-ians and ex Rayvens cheerleaders.
To kick off the event, they started with the All Girls Junior division which was newly established this year. 
And here's a video of my bias team, Rayvens.

It's their first year joining the All Girls Jr division and they did an incredible job.
They kept their spirits up, fought for their stunts, worked as a team, hit a perfect routine and impressed everyone with their solid performance. I'm really proud of these girls. Congratulations on being the very first Champion for the All Girls Junior category, girls ! 
P.S ignore the screams and shouts at the background, I couldn't hold my excitement and yes, I'm fully aware that when I shout WHITE i sound like a frog. DON'T LAUGH.

After the All Girls Jr division, it was the Co ed division and the winner for this category is none other than the Mickeymitez. The Mickeys are strong and the male flyer is just too good. You'll be amazed.

Check out Zelts from Sri Emas International School too, they're a newcomer and they came in second.

Finally, after the Co ed division, it's time for the All Girls division that we've all been waiting for.

Once again, cyrens delivered a jaw dropping performance which impressed the panel of judges and made the crowd go wild. Their consistency to deliver a perfect routine each time along with the level of confidence and energy projected definitely set them apart from all the other teams. Despite the injuries, they still gave it their all and did their best. Without a doubt, they've set a standard for the other teams to reach and the other teams have been improving tremendously from the past few years. Cheerleading in Malaysia is definitely growing bigger and better.

Calyx from SMJK Katholik. The ladies of pink that's always a team to look out for every year. 
It's late so I will end my post here.
I'll continue from where I left off tomorrow so stay tuned ! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Entry #34 : Picking up the missing pieces

What you've missed on last month's daily doses of kaiwen-ness.
Here's what you've missed.

 Kai Wen started baking.
I'm a beginner. Don't judge.

Here's my very first batch of chocolate chip cookies.
This was definitely an unexpected surprise, they're vanilla chocolate chip cookies but they tasted more like BANANA chocolate chip cookies OMG.
Well, it's been a long time since I've baked, so I'm back to square one and I'm ready to achieve greater heights. That's what I say everytime, right. So you can choose to listen first.

Here's my second batch of cookies.
Oatmeal raisin cookies.

This tasted really good ! - From a trusted and reliable source.
Tested and approved.
I'm seeing improvement in my baking skills.
It's coming back. It's coming back. *referring to my long rusted baking skills*

Superman have officially flew over to US where he was raised since birth. Ok, not really.
If he is really the fictional character from the movie then it's true but he's not.
He is really born and bred in Malaysia but he pretty much migrated to US already *cries*
It's been over two weeks now since he flew over and he has abandoned the role of superman and took on the role of Captain America cause Superman was such a bad movie.
In chinese, this is what we call jumping ships but for this case, I guess you call it jumping Superheroes?

Free movie ticket due to excessive spending in Forever 21 sometime last month.

Third and last movie date with this fellar before he left.

Overly ajinomoto-ed chicken flavoured popcorns.
If you live in Malaysia and you've tasted this junk food called chicken ring,
it tasted like chicken rings but in the popcorn form.

Outside the bak kut teh shop in SS15.
Our last breakfast together.

 I've spent most of my nights with these awesome people at the mamak in kepong growing fat together.
But no more.
I am now a changed person. Starting today.
Challenge to eat clean for two weeks starts from this moment on.

Before that, here's the two must order rotis whenever we're at the mamak.

Roti tissue !
Rather than being coated with sugar, this roti tissue is coated with kaya.
So sinful but so good.

Roti Bom ! 
I love this too. 

I used to wonder how people could visit the mamak so often and for so long in the middle of the night ? Now I know.
We sit, eat, talk crap and then talk more crap and order some more food.
In US, they have bars but in Malaysia, we have mamaks.
Economy friendly and satisfying but incredibly unhealthy and very diabetes inducing.

 I've spent most of my mornings going on food hunt with Lyshalok which I adore to the moon and back.
And I have a tendency to steal her instagram photos cause she does a great job editing it and I have full trust in her editing skills.
In other words.
I'm too lazy.

It was a beautiful afternoon

to dress up and meet up and eat up.

The day started with
my third visit to antipodean in my life.
No big breakfast this time around but I've discovered something even more delectable.

This salad is to die for.
The salad is like an explosion of taste, the salmon taste is lightly covered by the sweetness of the fig, the crunchiness of the roasted cashewnut gives a different kind of excitement to the green rocket, the olive oil and vinegar gives just the right amount of tanginess and flavour to the salad. Pure awesomeness. Insanely gratifying. MUST TRY.

Lamb kebab with golden couscous.
My bestfriend's favourite.

Don't judge me for ordering that french fries.
I was craving for it.

After our stop at Antipodean,
we walked around to look for a place to shisha but failed terribly cause no shisha opens in broad daylight apparently.
Plan A failed.
So we moved on to Plan B, 
I walked the bestfriend to do her eyebrows and then went for Round 2 of Food Hunt of the day at
If you don't already know,
nosh also stands for food. How cute is that.

RM19.90 for two mini sized desserts.
Our pick of the day was
Sweet Potato Azuki Gateaux a.k.a zombie carrot cake ( what the bestfriend calls it )
I have a friend asking me whether it was spaghetti. OMG.

I liked this.
Sweet potato cream and green tea cake never goes wrong.

Earl Grey Creme Brulee.

The caramelized layer on top has a burnt taste to it.
However, I like the idea of earl grey cream brulee.
If only the sugar was browned properly.

After having our share of desserts at NOSH,
we proceeded with some window shopping, bakery hopping and landed in Tedboy Bakery where we gave in to gluttony, once again.

Carrot soup and a slice of bread.
I was craving for soup but this was definitely not what I have in mind.
The carrot soup is way too bland and no amount of salt and pepper could save it.
Sometimes, I'm amazed at the number of cravings I have in a day and the worse thing is these cravings start kicking in at night which causes insomnia.
Deprived of sleep due to excessive thinking of food.
First time I've heard of that. LOL.

Sweet Cream Cheese Bagel.
This was good.

Slices of bread accompanied by olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 
How we like our bread served.

I'm sad to say, this is where our food hunt of the day ends.
But seriously, we basically ate and walked the Telawi streets, ate and walk another round and end up eating again.
This is pure gluttony but it was a day well spent.
It was the first time I drove all the way to Bangsar all by myself too ! *achievement unloacked*

#5 I'm hooked on this korean drama called The Gu Family Book.
Actually, I had a love hate relationship with this drama because of the tragic love story shown in the beginning but after the exams I had some free time to burn so I continued watching the following episodes which explains my short absence even after exams ended. The drama progresses to a cute love story between the second generation, another few heartbreaks, heart wrenching moments, ching chong ling long fighting scenes and turns out, I'm hooked on the drama YET AGAIN.
Excuse my lack of self discipline when it comes to dramas.
Old habits die hard. *winks*

#6 Back to red
My hair is officially red once more.

One last thing before I end this post,
according to my orthodontist,
Wait, I mean debonding next month.
I literally thought he said deboning though. LMFAO.
Time to remove these braces of mine and be brace FREE and not brace FACE !
I hope he's not lying to me this time. *excited*

I shall take my leave now.
Goodnight, peeps !

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Entry #33 : Some serious relationship talk.

In every relationship there will always be one person on the receiving end and the other on the giving end.
To keep a relationship alive is not just about keeping the balance,
there comes a time where you will be the one that gives more, 
where you will be the one that forgives more,
where you will be the one that tolerate the other person's behaviour more,
where you will be the rock in the relationship
and you have to be the pillar of strength to keeps things together.
But know that,
that's alright 
it's perfectly fine.
Because that's how a relationship works,
maybe now you will be the one that gives more 
but there was a time where you received more.
Or you could say, there will be a time you would receive more.
The same goes for after a breakup.
There will always be the one person in the relationship that will keep holding on,
even when the other have moved on.
The person left behind may be the person that receives more or even the one that gives more,
sometimes nobody knows what went wrong.
Sometimes, it just happened so gradually, 
you had a hard time accepting what was happening
so you needed time. 
Time to recover and time to move on.
Taking your time is not entirely a bad thing.
Because only after you've recovered from your old wound, 
can you learn to love again with no reservations.
Honestly, being the one left behind sucks.
Looking at them move on and you're left there all alone at the same spot is not somewhere you would want to be either.
But that's where you're wrong,
You are not alone,
You have God, you have families and you have friends.
At one point of time, 
you will constantly think of what went wrong,
you would scrutinize every single detail,
analyze every single conversation,
relive every single dates in your mind,
you would stalk,
you would drown yourself in sorrow,
you would even ponder why are you so very silly,
you would go through a phase of grief
because you've lost a part of your life
that you know will never come back.
It will dawn upon you and you would struggle to accept it.
It will be hard
but you are strong enough to endure this.
God only give you this life because you could endure it.
So stay strong.
You will get through it.
Do something you love,
go out,
read a book, 
exercise (working out releases a happy hormone called endorphine ) ,
sing your lungs out in the toilet,
dance like a chicken in your room.
do anything that makes you happy 
but of course, keep away from drugs. That's a no no.

Here's a video my bestfriend shared with me.
Spare some time to watch it.

Love looks beyond imperfections, 
Love looks beyond beauty,
Love is between two people and nobody else, 
don't let trivial matters like other people's opinion affect you.
Their opinion don't matter.

I have alot more to say but I guess that would have to wait for another day.
Goodnight, dear readers.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Entry #32 : Mom and Dad I Love You

Father's Day just passed and Mother's day? 
Well, that one passed over a month ago but here I am talking about those two events now cause it's better to be late than never, right. 
Trying to convince myself to feel less guilty about not writting for over a month. LOL.
Okay, let's start according to chronology and talk about Mother's Day first.
Hmmmm, let me recall what happened that day.
When the clock strikes 12, right at the moment Mother's day begin, I wished Mama Chim a Happy Mother's Day, kissed her on her cheek and pass her a Mother's Day gift. 
And that, kids...
is how Mother's Day started this year.
For this year's mother's day we planned to have seafood for dinner and by we, I mean my cousin and I.
We thought long and hard, looked high and low, google all day for a good seafood restaurant but seriously, what does a person have to do to find a good seafood restaurant in KL. 
It sounds like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE at one point of time.
However, we prevailed and after calling three times for booking, two calls flew to the voicemail and one more call was asking for PASSWORD WTF. Make reservation also need password?!??! HOW WE KNOWWWWW ! 
However, we successfully made a reservation and we're ready to go when it's dinner time.
The restaurant we've picked is Mei Keng Fatt Seafood Restaurant in Kuala Ampang.
For this year's mother's day we wanted to choose a restaurant that we've never been to before and seafood cause our mom's love seafood ?
We're playing the element of surprise trick.

Without further ado, feast your eyes. 

The six of us. 

My fourth auntie and her family.

Oysters as starters.

Typical chinese starters at weddings.

Our mini steamboat.

Lobster with minimal amount of meat.
There was barely enough for the ten of us to have a piece of the Lobster meat.

Surprisingly, this is the most impressive dish of the night.
The flavour of the chinese sausage and chinese preserved duck were perfectly brought out by the glutinous rice.

The crab was one of the dish that I was looking forward towards.
The presentation and size amazes me too but the moment, 
i cracked open the shell,
I was terribly disappointed.
I had this feeling of being cheated.
The meat was half the size of the crab, literally.
Overall, I wasn't quite satisfied with the restaurant and I'm pretty sure there won't be a next time for me.
However, the restaurant was pretty packed with customers that day and they have really good business so maybe it's just me.
But oh wells.

Here's the adress if you intend on visiting the place:

Mei Keng Fatt Seafood Restaurant.
1, Lorong Awan 6, Kuala Ampang
68000 Ampang,

Moving on, 
for Father's day, 
We headed over to another seafood restaurant in Port Klang which I've visited since way back.
I've been to many places that LIVE up to their reputation but the bigger problem here is that they do not MAINTAIN their reputation. Which is such a pity sometimes.
After not visitting this restaurant for over a year, I'm glad to say that they've maintained their standard and the dishes are as good as ever. 
With food as good as this, no wonder they have good business all year round despite being located at a very secluded area.
If you were to ask me to drive there, I would have no idea where to even start.
The restaurant is called Yong Tat Seafood Restaurant in Port Klang.
And here's a few of our all time favourite dishes.

Fried Beehoon with Lala. 
A must !
You will not regret.

Fried Kuey Teow.

Steamed Lala.

I've been to many restaurants that serve sweet potato leaves which is a very typical dish in all chinese restaurants and they normally cook it way too oily.
But this restaurant surprises me cause it tasted just right.

Deep Fried Village Chicken.
Another dish that you HAVE TO try.
It's basically deep fried salted chicken but it's so good.
I think I can finish a whole chicken if I wasn't already full at that time.

Steamed fish.

Black Pepper Crab.
The crab have a serving time of at least 30 minutes and are usually served at the end of the meal.
Be patient child,
to devour good food you must first have the right mentality.
Their seafood are all really fresh and cooked to perfection.
They're not overcooked and you can taste the freshness of the seafood.

This restaurant may serve simple dishes but at the end of the day, 
it's not the presentation that matters, 
it's the taste.
It's the taste that makes you come back again and again for more and Yong Tat Seafood Restaurant will remain as my all time favourite seafood restaurant.
As compared to the restaurant we've visited during Mother's day, 
this restaurant serves tastier dishes at a much more reasonable price.
For all the dishes above, 
it only sums up to RM250 as compared to the bill of the Mother's Day dinner which is almost quadruple the price.
Here's what I say,
You don't necessary have to visit fancy restaurants with overpriced dishes to enjoy good food.
You just have to know where to look.

Adress for
Yong Tat Seafood Restaurant:
No. 33, Kampung Telok Gong, Pandamaran
42000 Port Klang, Selangor,

I shall end my post here with a shoutout 
"Thanks for feeding us good food and pampering our taste buds,
Thanks for everything you've done for us,
Thanks for being the pillar of strength for our family,
Thanks for raising us to who we are now,
Most of all, 
Thanks for being the most amazing mom and dad to us three little monkeys