Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pre exam rants.

Today marks the beginning of the gate to either heaven or hell for us A2 students.
Maybe not heaven or hell
but just university acceptance or rejection,
inflation or deflation of self esteem,
or just
acknowledgement from parents and teachers.
For some, it might even be the final lap to the finishing line before the start of a new chapter.
So yeah,
Tomorrow I'll be having my first paper and I'm having real bad pre exam stress and I'm going on a pre exam rant right now.
I don't know why.
Sometimes, I wonder are you stressed more because you're feeling very unprepared
or are you stressed more because you've prepared so much
but you're afraid that you couldn't reach your expectations.
No matter what, I guess when the time really comes,
you just have to give it your all and do your best
because your best is all you can give
and your best is never not enough.

moving on,
I really think I'll grow fat because of all these eating after every five minutes of studying.
They say studying and using all those brain juice will make you feel hungrier.
Is it true?
Or we just hunt for food to get away from the books.
I'm really confused.
Do we study to eat ?
Or do we eat to study ?
I'm talking nonsense right now so i shall stop and just post some pictures of food.

A very well presented pizza in Pizza hut.
It tastes pretty good but always remember to eat while it's hot.

A very bad presented deli wings from Pizza Hut.

My favourite Horlicks Mcflurry from Mcdonald's

Fruits Pavlova from Shakespeare
which definitely looks better than it tastes.

Before I take my leave,
To all the students sitting for the exams,
Break a leg and I wish you all the best !


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