Friday, May 3, 2013


With all the political debates, personal opinions and the elections drawing near, I'm going to talk about what I think. I may be ineligible to vote just yet and I may not be the most knowledgable person about the country's history nor do I read the newspaper and take part in any serious political talks before but as a citizen of this country, I just felt the need to ask everyone to vote this coming Sunday with a clear mind and not with your gut feelings. As a citizen, we are responsible for the future of the country. The future is in OUR hands. Don't be swayed by the community but make a decision based on your personal beliefs, research and analysis because nothing is what it seems to be. Rumours will only be rumours. Fights will be fights. A coin has two sides and every story have two perspectives. Just bear in mind that everytime you make a decision, take a second to think about the consequences and don't just focus on the bad but also, the good. We often hear that there's only the black or the white. We often think that there's only evil or good. What happened to the grey and the in betweens? Does it not exist? Often times, we're probably confused because what lies ahead of us, we're never gonna know and not knowing is scary but at least making a choice is better than not making a choice at all. Nobody is right or wrong in this issue, we may even be mere puppets whose strings are pulled and manipulated by the intentions of the puppeteer but we're here for a purpose. Our strings are pulled for a reason. We have a reason to be here just like how the puppets are important to the puppeteer. What is a puppeteer without their puppets? What is a country without its people. It's just a matter of looking for the right puppeteer or for the current case, the right leader. You may want a change but is a change really going to be good for you? Are you willing to take this chance? You may want to give the current leaders another shot but will they lead the country to peace, prosperity and a better future? That's a question that everyone should consider before making decision lightly this coming Sunday. No matter what, let's just hope that the country is in peace and the people are united and whatever the results may be, everyone would accept it with an open mind. 
The end. 

Let's end the post with

I love Malaysia.

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