Saturday, May 11, 2013

My inspiration, My mother

"Mommy is concerned about you, I want the best for you"
That sentence really strike me hard.
I remember last year, my mom would call me everytime I went out, ask me who I'm going out with and if I answered "FRIEND LAAAA" , she'll say " FRIEND NO NAME ONE AHHH" 
After I say the name, she'll move on to ask " HOW YOU KNOW HIM WHERE YOU KNOW HIM FROM WHERE YOU GOING" etcetera etcetera 
She even stayed up till one in the morning to wait for me in the living room just to scold me and ask me why I'm home so late once.
Those were tough times.
Really tough times.
I'll lock myself in my room and cry and cry and cry real hard, real long and real bad.
But I know when I cry or when I'm hurt or even when I injure myself,
she's the one who's hurt even more.
Cause a mother's love is beautiful, unconditional and unlimited.
And she still do asks me who I go out with nowadays but she won't wait till one am in the morning to wait for me just to scold me anymore.
I guess your freedom comes with your age and before that time comes, your mother will always be the one trying to protect you like you're a fragile piece of glass that will break at the touch of a finger.
My mom will tell me I'm beautiful even when I'm in my pajamas, when I don't wash my hair, when I'm fat and I have pimples everywhere on my face and basically when I look completely and utterly unpresentable.
My mom will cook me food everytime I said I'm hungry and I want to eat.
My mom will scold me because she's worried that I might make a mistake.
My mom will nag at me if I go out too often.
My mom will try to brainwash me at times.
Our opinions might clash and will clash,
I won't agree with everything she says,
but I will take it into consideration 
because she's my mother
and she cares
and she wants the best for me.
And she will do her very best to give me the best.
Happy Mother's Day, Ma ! 
I Love You
You're a strong woman.
You're my inspiration 
and most of all, you're my one and only mother.

I've added my mother on facebook this mother's day. Have you?
Sometimes, our mother just want to be a part of our life. Don't reject her of it.

Btw, my mom is so cute nowadays and I had to share this story with you.
recently she started playing candy crush on the ipad,
and whenever she's out of life, 
she'll go to my dad and bug him for lives,
and she even called my aunt at 12am in the morning to ask her how to play the game.
Isn't it cute !
And she said candy crush is a very good game cause there was this time she had a headache 
and then she started playing the game
and when she wins
she gets so excited that her headache magically went away.
I hate to admit this
and I really hate myself for it
but I gotta admit that candy crush can be quite addicting.

To end this post,
Here is wishing
Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers out there.
And to all the children out there, 
make your mothers feel special on this very special day.


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