Friday, May 24, 2013

I've returned yet again.

First and foremost, sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks. 
Almost a month have passed since I've last blogged
Times passes real quickly, huh.
Seriously the next thing I know, I'll graduate, I'll find a job, I'll get married and I'll have kids and I'll grow old.
Anyways, since the exams are coming to an end real soon and I've completed my last heavy paper today, it's time to start blogging again and kickstart my long abandoned work out plan.
I've come to accept the fact that it is impossible to blog consistently everyday all day 
because the truth is, we all have those moments where we experience a blogger's block right.
But I can promise you this,
I will not give up.
I may take a break and go MIA occasionally but I will return 
Again and again.
Furthermore, blogging is a part of recording your daily experiences 
and expressing your random thoughts so
I've gotta go out and make moments before I can write about them.
talking about my work out plan,
Here's a picture on Day One after getting back on track.
Day One : Pure Cardio

Let's see how much of my previous progress I could salvage.
I hope it's not all gone yet ! 
From today onwards and for the next ten days I'll do daily updates on my progress.
I'll be doing the INSANITY work out for the next ten days 
combined with five days of P90X's Ab Ripper X 
and one day of break in between.
Let's see how it goes, 
and this time I won't stop till I'm proud.
Okay, that's what I usually say when I'm motivated.
But I intend to make it come true.
This time.
Is it finally the time? 
I hope it is *fingers crossed* 
You shall be my witness.

Not this time.

What my class mentor sent to me as motivation. 
I love her, seriously.
And I love HIM.

Since Biology P4 ended today and we saw this at J.Co Donuts.

Had an awesome time shopping with the boss and the batwoman.
Great shopping, great food, awesome company is more than or equivalent to fantastic time.
Signing off now !

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