Friday, May 3, 2013


After the heavy post previously, here's a lighter and happier post on my friday with the girls and a big bad wolf. 

According to timeline.
1. Banana Leaf Rice at Nirvana Maju, Bangsar. One of my favourite Malaysian delicacies and I like mine with all the curries mixed together. Affordable, filling and simply awesome.
2. Was walking to Dip' n Dip and Fatty met a new friend. She even have a handshake with her to finalize the pact of friendship.
3. The three musketeers. From left to right: Choong Wee Wee, Fatty and yours truly.
4. They're just too adorable and pretty. How can I not post another picture of them ! Hehe.
5. The big bad wolf aka Weelee's boyfriend, Si Ching.
6. Asians hard at work
7. I finally went dippin' ! The famous dip' n dip crepes.
8. Just a random picture of weelee trying to dig her nose and fatty with her usual smile.
9. Some light stretching at Si ching's place with the fatty and weelee.

Some additional photos !

Interior of dip' n dip

A closer look on the delectable dip' n dip crepe that we so carefully devoured to avoid spoiling the presentation.

 What's left of our dip' n dip crepe.
Looks like a benzene ring without the ring, doesn't it.

Iced Peach Tea.

An artistically taken shot of my Italian soda peach flavour.

The place is really people friendly for all you indecisive people. but I don't find it really helpful. After all, you can still change your mind after seeing the choice you've unintentionally made right.

Another beautiful picture with good lighting of the fatty and weelee.

After the light stretching at the mini park outside Si ching's place, we did some weight lifting in his house too !

It's a blur picture but fatty and weelee was squished in between my biceps and face.
Too cute not to share.

A look on my biceps.

This is probably a pretty half assed post but forgive me ! 
Finals are 3 days away and I am far from ready. 
It's gonna be a long and hard battle so bear with me for a month or so okay.
I have five papers of chem, two papers of bio and two more papers of maths to sit for.
Wish me luck and all the strength in the world to work hard and do my best till the very end ! 

On a completely unrelated note

What is a fart, exactly? Open any dictionary and you’ll find the straightforward answer: “An expulsion of intestinal gas.” 
However, we treat farting as a juvenile, awful, unnatural act, so much that even the word itself is classified as vulgar.
But I ask you this: what is more natural than a fart? We are animals. We fart. It’s something that we do.
We need to fart, just like we need to breathe, sweat, urinate, defecate… you get the point. Farting is part of the human condition. 
To me, the most disgusting phrase that can be uttered after flatulence is “that’s disgusting.” You sneer at my farts, madam, and I sneer at you. When you literally and figuratively turn your nose up at my toots, then that tells me the kind of person you are. That tells me that you think you’re above me. That tells me that you perceive your very own foul and ugly mists as odorless, beautiful, purified — unworthy to mingle with my base, contagious clouds. Or even worse: that you cast off your very own humanity and consider yourself ethereal, angelic, or maybe even god-like.

And here's a hi to Fatty and this article is for you ! 
I LOL-ed real hard when I first read it.
Anyways, I had a really fun day out with the three of you! 
Thanks for bringing me out of my nest. Hehe.

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