Monday, May 6, 2013

Facebook gone wrong.

So, my brother went on facebook last night and he saw most of the display picture changing to full black and then, guess what he did. 
He just kept on refreshing the page
and refreshing 
and refreshing
and refreshing
until at one point he realized everyone's facebook display picture IS black. 
He's so cute sometimes.

After a whole night of anticipation, spamming whatsapp with what's going on, worrying for the future of the country and giving myself a reason to give myself a break from studying again, the results for the 13th General Election is out and by now, I'm sure everyone knows the results. 
To be truthful, I'm not a very political person and I'm not very informative about politics and we all know that most of the stuff written in the sejarah textbook are sugar coated with lies to brainwash our minds. 
Not that I remember anything from sejarah other than there's this japanese company named Kaisha and the only reason I remember that is because that's the combination of my name and Lysha's. 
Anyways, yeah, other than listening to all the political debates happening at family gatherings, hang out with friends and reading facebook, I'm the least informative person about politics. 
NOT because I don't love the country. 
I do love the country and I will definitely vote if i were eligible to.
Because this is our country and we are responsible for the future of it.
Anyways, I'm not here to say which side I am in now.
Maybe, if I did my research on it and were more involved in it, I will but because I didn't, I won't
because baseless accusations and statements wouldn't benefit anyone. 
I'm just here to say that winning or losing is inevitable. 
There will always be a losing side and a winning side
but just because you've lost now doesn't mean that you will never win.
You more likely to be really close to the goal.
Like how they always say,


There is one thing that I will say though, 
if everything have been less shady, 
if everything would have been fair, clean and transparent
if there had been less accusations thrown at each other
if votes were won by using idealism 
with the aim of a better future for Malaysia
for a safer Malaysia
there would be less commotion and it would have been easier to accept the results.

since there's no point crying over spilt milk,
we can just look forward to the 14th General Election and hopefully, before that time comes, 
the current government would make a change for the better 
and lead the country to economics stability, racial equality and restores the sense of safety of the citizens.
Who knows, maybe even the trust of the citizens. 

We are ONE Malaysia,
and we will fight for the future together.


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