Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Entry #30 : The Sinful Escape

How do you eat clean when you have friends that love to eat as much as yourself?
That's the problem.
You just don't.
Any idea why it's called the Sinful Escape?
The pictures will explain itself soon enough.
Day after day,
it's a great day to pamper our empty stomach and clear our far from full pockets.
Shopping and Food ?
Not a bad combination at all.

We all know the streets of Bangsar are popular for their cute boutiques, european cuisine, high end saloons and wide variety of bakeries.
Basically, the perfect area to tantalize your taste buds and spend a lazy afternoon.
On day two of my work out, we visited the cafe situated diagonally from Antipodean called 
Milk and Butter for lunch.
Due to my extremely messed up biological clock, I usually wake up when breakfast is way over and when lunch is almost over so I'll skip both altogether and move on to brunch when I wake up.
But on special occasions where my bestfriends asks me out, I'll make exceptions. 
And that day was one of those days but nevertheless, I was late.
When I wake up, they were already on their way there,
When I'm done washing up, they're almost in Bangsar,
and by the time I was on my way there, they're already sitting in the cafe like some rich tai tais without me looking at the menu.
But of course, they know what I went there for and ordered my Egg Benedict with Turkey Ham for me while I was on my way there.

It looks good ain't it? 
Sadly, I can't eat it when it's served right out of the kitchen and while it's warm.
 By the time I arrived, Fatty, Wee and Si Ching were almost done with their food. 

The moment I arrived I've carried out the following steps: 

1. I snapped away like it's a precious piece of art
2. Pour the hollandaise sauce on top of it is what I would like to say, but they already poured it for me
3. The best part, break the egg yolk and look at all the yellow goodness leak out of it
4. Mix everything together
5. Turn into a monster and devour everything.

Credits for the collage goes to Fatty and she captioned it, How kaiwen destroyed her egss. LOL.

The Egg Benedict in Milk and Butter were... okay.
The Hollandaise sauce was served separately rather than baked onto it and to be honest, it's too thick to my liking.
I don't know whether it's because I ate it when it already cooled down but I was slightly disappointed.

However !
To make up for it,

If you could still eat some more....
was plain awesome.

Something you can't miss while you're there.
Maybe you can head over to Antipodean for lunch and then come over to have dessert.
Great idea, ain't it? The best of both worlds. Haha.
Serious though, the creme brulee was baked to perfection.
The sugar on top was browned to the right degree and the creme ain't too sweet nor is it too plain.
The perfect blend of vanilla and sugar.
The prices in Milk and Butter are pretty reasonable you could say.
Here's another quarter of its menu if you're interested in going there.

Breakfast are served all day.

Soon after having the dessert and some casual talks, we walked over to Bangsar Village for EVEN MORE desserts.
Told you the tittle sinful escape fit right into the description,
all we do is eat that afternoon.

Si Ching's craving for something extremely sweet have been satisfied with this piece of Rocky Roads cake.

Red Velvet Cake.
Still one of my favourite in the store.
The cake was moist but the cream cheese on top was a little sour for my taste buds this time around.
In case Plan A doesn't work, Plan B always works its magic ! *winks*

We're not complete gluttons yet,
after all those food,
we had a badminton session at the extreme park near Clarke Quay.

Let me introduce to you,

The Noob Team !
Which comprises of myself and Wee.

We don't play by technique, we play by running but it was a good game indeed. 
Our goal was to tire each other out by hitting the shuttlecock to two opposite poles to make each other run.
Good cardio, ain't it?

This is the Pro team !

One sentence.
On a completely different level.

After badminton session, we went back to our respective homes,
I washed up, took a short nap and then woke up for my day 2 work out which was Plyometrics Cardio Circuit. No ab work outs that day.
I've already posted my progression picture on the previous post so check it out kay !

I shall end my post here.
Till the next time !

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