Monday, May 27, 2013

Entry #29 : The Slap Back to Reality

Hey guys !
I know I've promised I'll do a daily update about my progress 
but this time I really didn't break my promise on purpose. 
It is honestly unintentional and I put all the blame on my internet connection.
Unifi was having *pee ahem ass* and being a pain in the butt.
It haven't been functioning the past two days.
Moving on,
I'll be splitting this post into two parts.
Part One shall be called The Slap Back to Reality
And Part Two shall be called the Sinful Escape.
Now, put it all together and it becomes The Slap Back to Reality after A Sinful Escape.
Since I'm already late for two days, I shall post all my progression into one post rather than splitting em up to three posts.

Here's a reality check.
There will be days that everything will look the same.
And there are days you would want to give up.
There WILL be days you want to stop.
There comes a day where you just want to quit.
Cause you're a fighter not a quitter.
Honestly, I was actually considering whether I should post this up cause I know it all looks the same and you wouldn't even notice the difference. 
But I'm here to show you true progress and that nothing happens in a day.
Like they say, Rome isn't build in a day.
The same goes for muscles.
You want that ass, you want that bikini body, you want that fit body that everyone is posting on Instagram?
Well, you gotta work for it.
It won't come in a day or two.
It won't even come in a month 
but believe in the progress and enjoy every moment on it.
We don't strive for perfection,
we strive for progress.

Have Patience.

Btw, you know what I realize everytime I work out?
I have a brainstorm at the most unconventional time.
I usually have like a million of ideas flooding into my head when I am nowhere near a laptop or a pen and pencil.
And I have to rely on my memory cells to preserve the information in my brains.
Here's the brain storm of the day.
I know I'm a biology student and it's weird I only realize this now but
I finally realized how fats come about while working out today.
Let's say if you don't work out, 
your metabolism rate would be low.
If you don't know what is metabolism, it's cell activities that use energy
and these cell activities are how we lose fats.
When you work out, you'll use up all the glucose cause there's increased cell activity or you could say cell respiration to produce ATP for muscle contraction.
If you don't work out? 
Your muscles don't respire that quickly and your metabolism rate is low, the cells are more likely to convert all the glucose to glycogen or fats to store all the excess glucose.
So eat regularly, sleep regularly, stay hydrated and exercise.

Often times,
all we need is the decision to make a change,
have a plan,
and stick to it.

I've made my decision and even made it known to the public,
are you ready to make a change?
For a better lifestyle 
and most importantly, a better YOU ?

P.S the motivational pictures are all from Instagram and Instagram is a source of unending inspiration.

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