Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Entry #30 : The Sinful Escape

How do you eat clean when you have friends that love to eat as much as yourself?
That's the problem.
You just don't.
Any idea why it's called the Sinful Escape?
The pictures will explain itself soon enough.
Day after day,
it's a great day to pamper our empty stomach and clear our far from full pockets.
Shopping and Food ?
Not a bad combination at all.

We all know the streets of Bangsar are popular for their cute boutiques, european cuisine, high end saloons and wide variety of bakeries.
Basically, the perfect area to tantalize your taste buds and spend a lazy afternoon.
On day two of my work out, we visited the cafe situated diagonally from Antipodean called 
Milk and Butter for lunch.
Due to my extremely messed up biological clock, I usually wake up when breakfast is way over and when lunch is almost over so I'll skip both altogether and move on to brunch when I wake up.
But on special occasions where my bestfriends asks me out, I'll make exceptions. 
And that day was one of those days but nevertheless, I was late.
When I wake up, they were already on their way there,
When I'm done washing up, they're almost in Bangsar,
and by the time I was on my way there, they're already sitting in the cafe like some rich tai tais without me looking at the menu.
But of course, they know what I went there for and ordered my Egg Benedict with Turkey Ham for me while I was on my way there.

It looks good ain't it? 
Sadly, I can't eat it when it's served right out of the kitchen and while it's warm.
 By the time I arrived, Fatty, Wee and Si Ching were almost done with their food. 

The moment I arrived I've carried out the following steps: 

1. I snapped away like it's a precious piece of art
2. Pour the hollandaise sauce on top of it is what I would like to say, but they already poured it for me
3. The best part, break the egg yolk and look at all the yellow goodness leak out of it
4. Mix everything together
5. Turn into a monster and devour everything.

Credits for the collage goes to Fatty and she captioned it, How kaiwen destroyed her egss. LOL.

The Egg Benedict in Milk and Butter were... okay.
The Hollandaise sauce was served separately rather than baked onto it and to be honest, it's too thick to my liking.
I don't know whether it's because I ate it when it already cooled down but I was slightly disappointed.

However !
To make up for it,

If you could still eat some more....
was plain awesome.

Something you can't miss while you're there.
Maybe you can head over to Antipodean for lunch and then come over to have dessert.
Great idea, ain't it? The best of both worlds. Haha.
Serious though, the creme brulee was baked to perfection.
The sugar on top was browned to the right degree and the creme ain't too sweet nor is it too plain.
The perfect blend of vanilla and sugar.
The prices in Milk and Butter are pretty reasonable you could say.
Here's another quarter of its menu if you're interested in going there.

Breakfast are served all day.

Soon after having the dessert and some casual talks, we walked over to Bangsar Village for EVEN MORE desserts.
Told you the tittle sinful escape fit right into the description,
all we do is eat that afternoon.

Si Ching's craving for something extremely sweet have been satisfied with this piece of Rocky Roads cake.

Red Velvet Cake.
Still one of my favourite in the store.
The cake was moist but the cream cheese on top was a little sour for my taste buds this time around.
In case Plan A doesn't work, Plan B always works its magic ! *winks*

We're not complete gluttons yet,
after all those food,
we had a badminton session at the extreme park near Clarke Quay.

Let me introduce to you,

The Noob Team !
Which comprises of myself and Wee.

We don't play by technique, we play by running but it was a good game indeed. 
Our goal was to tire each other out by hitting the shuttlecock to two opposite poles to make each other run.
Good cardio, ain't it?

This is the Pro team !

One sentence.
On a completely different level.

After badminton session, we went back to our respective homes,
I washed up, took a short nap and then woke up for my day 2 work out which was Plyometrics Cardio Circuit. No ab work outs that day.
I've already posted my progression picture on the previous post so check it out kay !

I shall end my post here.
Till the next time !

Monday, May 27, 2013

Entry #29 : The Slap Back to Reality

Hey guys !
I know I've promised I'll do a daily update about my progress 
but this time I really didn't break my promise on purpose. 
It is honestly unintentional and I put all the blame on my internet connection.
Unifi was having *pee ahem ass* and being a pain in the butt.
It haven't been functioning the past two days.
Moving on,
I'll be splitting this post into two parts.
Part One shall be called The Slap Back to Reality
And Part Two shall be called the Sinful Escape.
Now, put it all together and it becomes The Slap Back to Reality after A Sinful Escape.
Since I'm already late for two days, I shall post all my progression into one post rather than splitting em up to three posts.

Here's a reality check.
There will be days that everything will look the same.
And there are days you would want to give up.
There WILL be days you want to stop.
There comes a day where you just want to quit.
Cause you're a fighter not a quitter.
Honestly, I was actually considering whether I should post this up cause I know it all looks the same and you wouldn't even notice the difference. 
But I'm here to show you true progress and that nothing happens in a day.
Like they say, Rome isn't build in a day.
The same goes for muscles.
You want that ass, you want that bikini body, you want that fit body that everyone is posting on Instagram?
Well, you gotta work for it.
It won't come in a day or two.
It won't even come in a month 
but believe in the progress and enjoy every moment on it.
We don't strive for perfection,
we strive for progress.

Have Patience.

Btw, you know what I realize everytime I work out?
I have a brainstorm at the most unconventional time.
I usually have like a million of ideas flooding into my head when I am nowhere near a laptop or a pen and pencil.
And I have to rely on my memory cells to preserve the information in my brains.
Here's the brain storm of the day.
I know I'm a biology student and it's weird I only realize this now but
I finally realized how fats come about while working out today.
Let's say if you don't work out, 
your metabolism rate would be low.
If you don't know what is metabolism, it's cell activities that use energy
and these cell activities are how we lose fats.
When you work out, you'll use up all the glucose cause there's increased cell activity or you could say cell respiration to produce ATP for muscle contraction.
If you don't work out? 
Your muscles don't respire that quickly and your metabolism rate is low, the cells are more likely to convert all the glucose to glycogen or fats to store all the excess glucose.
So eat regularly, sleep regularly, stay hydrated and exercise.

Often times,
all we need is the decision to make a change,
have a plan,
and stick to it.

I've made my decision and even made it known to the public,
are you ready to make a change?
For a better lifestyle 
and most importantly, a better YOU ?

P.S the motivational pictures are all from Instagram and Instagram is a source of unending inspiration.

Friday, May 24, 2013

I've returned yet again.

First and foremost, sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks. 
Almost a month have passed since I've last blogged
Times passes real quickly, huh.
Seriously the next thing I know, I'll graduate, I'll find a job, I'll get married and I'll have kids and I'll grow old.
Anyways, since the exams are coming to an end real soon and I've completed my last heavy paper today, it's time to start blogging again and kickstart my long abandoned work out plan.
I've come to accept the fact that it is impossible to blog consistently everyday all day 
because the truth is, we all have those moments where we experience a blogger's block right.
But I can promise you this,
I will not give up.
I may take a break and go MIA occasionally but I will return 
Again and again.
Furthermore, blogging is a part of recording your daily experiences 
and expressing your random thoughts so
I've gotta go out and make moments before I can write about them.
talking about my work out plan,
Here's a picture on Day One after getting back on track.
Day One : Pure Cardio

Let's see how much of my previous progress I could salvage.
I hope it's not all gone yet ! 
From today onwards and for the next ten days I'll do daily updates on my progress.
I'll be doing the INSANITY work out for the next ten days 
combined with five days of P90X's Ab Ripper X 
and one day of break in between.
Let's see how it goes, 
and this time I won't stop till I'm proud.
Okay, that's what I usually say when I'm motivated.
But I intend to make it come true.
This time.
Is it finally the time? 
I hope it is *fingers crossed* 
You shall be my witness.

Not this time.

What my class mentor sent to me as motivation. 
I love her, seriously.
And I love HIM.

Since Biology P4 ended today and we saw this at J.Co Donuts.

Had an awesome time shopping with the boss and the batwoman.
Great shopping, great food, awesome company is more than or equivalent to fantastic time.
Signing off now !

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My inspiration, My mother

"Mommy is concerned about you, I want the best for you"
That sentence really strike me hard.
I remember last year, my mom would call me everytime I went out, ask me who I'm going out with and if I answered "FRIEND LAAAA" , she'll say " FRIEND NO NAME ONE AHHH" 
After I say the name, she'll move on to ask " HOW YOU KNOW HIM WHERE YOU KNOW HIM FROM WHERE YOU GOING" etcetera etcetera 
She even stayed up till one in the morning to wait for me in the living room just to scold me and ask me why I'm home so late once.
Those were tough times.
Really tough times.
I'll lock myself in my room and cry and cry and cry real hard, real long and real bad.
But I know when I cry or when I'm hurt or even when I injure myself,
she's the one who's hurt even more.
Cause a mother's love is beautiful, unconditional and unlimited.
And she still do asks me who I go out with nowadays but she won't wait till one am in the morning to wait for me just to scold me anymore.
I guess your freedom comes with your age and before that time comes, your mother will always be the one trying to protect you like you're a fragile piece of glass that will break at the touch of a finger.
My mom will tell me I'm beautiful even when I'm in my pajamas, when I don't wash my hair, when I'm fat and I have pimples everywhere on my face and basically when I look completely and utterly unpresentable.
My mom will cook me food everytime I said I'm hungry and I want to eat.
My mom will scold me because she's worried that I might make a mistake.
My mom will nag at me if I go out too often.
My mom will try to brainwash me at times.
Our opinions might clash and will clash,
I won't agree with everything she says,
but I will take it into consideration 
because she's my mother
and she cares
and she wants the best for me.
And she will do her very best to give me the best.
Happy Mother's Day, Ma ! 
I Love You
You're a strong woman.
You're my inspiration 
and most of all, you're my one and only mother.

I've added my mother on facebook this mother's day. Have you?
Sometimes, our mother just want to be a part of our life. Don't reject her of it.

Btw, my mom is so cute nowadays and I had to share this story with you.
recently she started playing candy crush on the ipad,
and whenever she's out of life, 
she'll go to my dad and bug him for lives,
and she even called my aunt at 12am in the morning to ask her how to play the game.
Isn't it cute !
And she said candy crush is a very good game cause there was this time she had a headache 
and then she started playing the game
and when she wins
she gets so excited that her headache magically went away.
I hate to admit this
and I really hate myself for it
but I gotta admit that candy crush can be quite addicting.

To end this post,
Here is wishing
Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers out there.
And to all the children out there, 
make your mothers feel special on this very special day.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pre exam rants.

Today marks the beginning of the gate to either heaven or hell for us A2 students.
Maybe not heaven or hell
but just university acceptance or rejection,
inflation or deflation of self esteem,
or just
acknowledgement from parents and teachers.
For some, it might even be the final lap to the finishing line before the start of a new chapter.
So yeah,
Tomorrow I'll be having my first paper and I'm having real bad pre exam stress and I'm going on a pre exam rant right now.
I don't know why.
Sometimes, I wonder are you stressed more because you're feeling very unprepared
or are you stressed more because you've prepared so much
but you're afraid that you couldn't reach your expectations.
No matter what, I guess when the time really comes,
you just have to give it your all and do your best
because your best is all you can give
and your best is never not enough.

moving on,
I really think I'll grow fat because of all these eating after every five minutes of studying.
They say studying and using all those brain juice will make you feel hungrier.
Is it true?
Or we just hunt for food to get away from the books.
I'm really confused.
Do we study to eat ?
Or do we eat to study ?
I'm talking nonsense right now so i shall stop and just post some pictures of food.

A very well presented pizza in Pizza hut.
It tastes pretty good but always remember to eat while it's hot.

A very bad presented deli wings from Pizza Hut.

My favourite Horlicks Mcflurry from Mcdonald's

Fruits Pavlova from Shakespeare
which definitely looks better than it tastes.

Before I take my leave,
To all the students sitting for the exams,
Break a leg and I wish you all the best !


Monday, May 6, 2013

Facebook gone wrong.

So, my brother went on facebook last night and he saw most of the display picture changing to full black and then, guess what he did. 
He just kept on refreshing the page
and refreshing 
and refreshing
and refreshing
until at one point he realized everyone's facebook display picture IS black. 
He's so cute sometimes.

After a whole night of anticipation, spamming whatsapp with what's going on, worrying for the future of the country and giving myself a reason to give myself a break from studying again, the results for the 13th General Election is out and by now, I'm sure everyone knows the results. 
To be truthful, I'm not a very political person and I'm not very informative about politics and we all know that most of the stuff written in the sejarah textbook are sugar coated with lies to brainwash our minds. 
Not that I remember anything from sejarah other than there's this japanese company named Kaisha and the only reason I remember that is because that's the combination of my name and Lysha's. 
Anyways, yeah, other than listening to all the political debates happening at family gatherings, hang out with friends and reading facebook, I'm the least informative person about politics. 
NOT because I don't love the country. 
I do love the country and I will definitely vote if i were eligible to.
Because this is our country and we are responsible for the future of it.
Anyways, I'm not here to say which side I am in now.
Maybe, if I did my research on it and were more involved in it, I will but because I didn't, I won't
because baseless accusations and statements wouldn't benefit anyone. 
I'm just here to say that winning or losing is inevitable. 
There will always be a losing side and a winning side
but just because you've lost now doesn't mean that you will never win.
You more likely to be really close to the goal.
Like how they always say,


There is one thing that I will say though, 
if everything have been less shady, 
if everything would have been fair, clean and transparent
if there had been less accusations thrown at each other
if votes were won by using idealism 
with the aim of a better future for Malaysia
for a safer Malaysia
there would be less commotion and it would have been easier to accept the results.

since there's no point crying over spilt milk,
we can just look forward to the 14th General Election and hopefully, before that time comes, 
the current government would make a change for the better 
and lead the country to economics stability, racial equality and restores the sense of safety of the citizens.
Who knows, maybe even the trust of the citizens. 

We are ONE Malaysia,
and we will fight for the future together.


Friday, May 3, 2013


After the heavy post previously, here's a lighter and happier post on my friday with the girls and a big bad wolf. 

According to timeline.
1. Banana Leaf Rice at Nirvana Maju, Bangsar. One of my favourite Malaysian delicacies and I like mine with all the curries mixed together. Affordable, filling and simply awesome.
2. Was walking to Dip' n Dip and Fatty met a new friend. She even have a handshake with her to finalize the pact of friendship.
3. The three musketeers. From left to right: Choong Wee Wee, Fatty and yours truly.
4. They're just too adorable and pretty. How can I not post another picture of them ! Hehe.
5. The big bad wolf aka Weelee's boyfriend, Si Ching.
6. Asians hard at work
7. I finally went dippin' ! The famous dip' n dip crepes.
8. Just a random picture of weelee trying to dig her nose and fatty with her usual smile.
9. Some light stretching at Si ching's place with the fatty and weelee.

Some additional photos !

Interior of dip' n dip

A closer look on the delectable dip' n dip crepe that we so carefully devoured to avoid spoiling the presentation.

 What's left of our dip' n dip crepe.
Looks like a benzene ring without the ring, doesn't it.

Iced Peach Tea.

An artistically taken shot of my Italian soda peach flavour.

The place is really people friendly for all you indecisive people. but I don't find it really helpful. After all, you can still change your mind after seeing the choice you've unintentionally made right.

Another beautiful picture with good lighting of the fatty and weelee.

After the light stretching at the mini park outside Si ching's place, we did some weight lifting in his house too !

It's a blur picture but fatty and weelee was squished in between my biceps and face.
Too cute not to share.

A look on my biceps.

This is probably a pretty half assed post but forgive me ! 
Finals are 3 days away and I am far from ready. 
It's gonna be a long and hard battle so bear with me for a month or so okay.
I have five papers of chem, two papers of bio and two more papers of maths to sit for.
Wish me luck and all the strength in the world to work hard and do my best till the very end ! 

On a completely unrelated note

What is a fart, exactly? Open any dictionary and you’ll find the straightforward answer: “An expulsion of intestinal gas.” 
However, we treat farting as a juvenile, awful, unnatural act, so much that even the word itself is classified as vulgar.
But I ask you this: what is more natural than a fart? We are animals. We fart. It’s something that we do.
We need to fart, just like we need to breathe, sweat, urinate, defecate… you get the point. Farting is part of the human condition. 
To me, the most disgusting phrase that can be uttered after flatulence is “that’s disgusting.” You sneer at my farts, madam, and I sneer at you. When you literally and figuratively turn your nose up at my toots, then that tells me the kind of person you are. That tells me that you think you’re above me. That tells me that you perceive your very own foul and ugly mists as odorless, beautiful, purified — unworthy to mingle with my base, contagious clouds. Or even worse: that you cast off your very own humanity and consider yourself ethereal, angelic, or maybe even god-like.

And here's a hi to Fatty and this article is for you ! 
I LOL-ed real hard when I first read it.
Anyways, I had a really fun day out with the three of you! 
Thanks for bringing me out of my nest. Hehe.


With all the political debates, personal opinions and the elections drawing near, I'm going to talk about what I think. I may be ineligible to vote just yet and I may not be the most knowledgable person about the country's history nor do I read the newspaper and take part in any serious political talks before but as a citizen of this country, I just felt the need to ask everyone to vote this coming Sunday with a clear mind and not with your gut feelings. As a citizen, we are responsible for the future of the country. The future is in OUR hands. Don't be swayed by the community but make a decision based on your personal beliefs, research and analysis because nothing is what it seems to be. Rumours will only be rumours. Fights will be fights. A coin has two sides and every story have two perspectives. Just bear in mind that everytime you make a decision, take a second to think about the consequences and don't just focus on the bad but also, the good. We often hear that there's only the black or the white. We often think that there's only evil or good. What happened to the grey and the in betweens? Does it not exist? Often times, we're probably confused because what lies ahead of us, we're never gonna know and not knowing is scary but at least making a choice is better than not making a choice at all. Nobody is right or wrong in this issue, we may even be mere puppets whose strings are pulled and manipulated by the intentions of the puppeteer but we're here for a purpose. Our strings are pulled for a reason. We have a reason to be here just like how the puppets are important to the puppeteer. What is a puppeteer without their puppets? What is a country without its people. It's just a matter of looking for the right puppeteer or for the current case, the right leader. You may want a change but is a change really going to be good for you? Are you willing to take this chance? You may want to give the current leaders another shot but will they lead the country to peace, prosperity and a better future? That's a question that everyone should consider before making decision lightly this coming Sunday. No matter what, let's just hope that the country is in peace and the people are united and whatever the results may be, everyone would accept it with an open mind. 
The end. 

Let's end the post with

I love Malaysia.