Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

Since everyone's doing it, here's a post on transformation.
In my life, one thing that is constantly transforming is none other than my hair.
Somehow, changing my hairstyle is not just about being in style or trying to fit in, it's more of having a new outlook in life.
Did you know when a girl breaks up in Japan, they have this tradition of chopping their hair off? Well, I'm not sure how true it is and it might probably be happening everywhere else in the world but I read it from a manga.
I realized the moments where I have a strong urge to do some magic to my hair is after specific experiences, including heartbreaks, after exams or even when I'm trying to forget something.
One thing about hairstyles that I've learned is that no matter how bad YOU THINK you look with your 'new' hairstyle, just work it and it'll do the magic.
After all, it's not the hairstyle that wears the person but the person that wears the hairstyle. If you're confident in it, it'll definitely look better.
Also !
Never ever ever ever forget to camwhore the first day you had your new hair.
The chances are, you'll miss the golden moment where your hair is professionally blow dried and looks silky smooth.
By the time you're determined to show everyone your new hairstyle, your hair is already a ball of mess cause you're too lazy to blow dry it strand by strand at home.
I've been meaning to write this post weeks and weeks ago, before my holidays even started but I pretty much delayed it till now.
Shall we start?

Let's just start from the first year of high school. If I remembered correctly, it was at the end of Standard Six in the year, wait for it.. wait for it.... *calculating in my brain* TWO OH OH SIX !
At the end of 2006, my hair was already short and I visited the hair salon my brother usually frequents since he was planning to head there anyway, that time my hair was already short but I choose to go even shorter just because I was going to step into the first year of my teenage life and I wanted a change. Under the impression that I'll somehow end up looking sexy like Rihanna with her bob haircut, I went ahead with it, crossing my fingers real hard.

I ended up looking like this.

I don't know if I couldn't accept it or something that time but I teared a little because I thought I looked like an apple.
Back then, I have really low self esteem, I didn't know how to sport a smile and I don't camwhore at all so that sums up the trying to act cool but fail look. And sorry for the bad resolution. I was still using a good ol' sony ericsson phone that time.
After that experience, I just left my hair to grow for the next three years without doing anything much with it and that's how the picture at the bottom come along.
Long, black and silky hair that I terribly miss right now.

All through high school, I alternate my look with no fringe, side fringe, straight fringe, no fringe, fringe and no fringe again. OMG.

By the time it was high school graduation, I had hair long enough to tie it up into a bun.
Achievement unlocked: Traditional Chinese 'atas' Graduation look !

If I'm not mistaken, in the beginning of 2012, I dip dyed my hair for the first time. 
It was purple but that shade of purple isn't striking enough and it lasted for such a brief moment, I didn't even get to camwhore and snap fabulous pictures of it. *cries* A move I regretted till this day.

For all it's worth, here are some of the slight appearances of my not so obvious purple dip dye.

I may not have fabulous pictures of when I had the purple dip dye but I DO have PLENTY of pictures of when it faded. OMG.

It eventually comes to a point where I looked like a tiger and I couldn't take it anymore.
So I chopped it off real fast and real short.

From then on, I just went shorter and shorter.
and brighter and brighter.

Honestly, if I didn't go to Singapore and snap all these photos of myself, I would have probably forgotten my hair used to be this red and short which ain't too bad seriously, now that I look at it.
What our eyes see and how our brains remember will lie but what the pictures record will not.
I guess when we can't really take the change and we're in shock, our psychology plays with us and we can't make an unbiased judgement. We'll somehow persuade ourselves into thinking that we look so horrible, we should hide in a hole and never come out.

Before we fastforward back to our current time, I wanted to say that. Red is really not a stable colour cause it really didn't last very long. My days as a red head was short lived. Sadly.

Here's how it looks like after it faded.
I actually think I look like a natural redhead here compared to the synthetic asian trying to be red head colour above.

If you're thinking, I've been ranting about my hair for way too long already. Fret not !
I am ending it soon.

After the natural redhead look,
I went to inner dip dye my hair purple again ! But of course, a brighter shade of purple this time. Hehe.

Okay, Back to the present time and it's time to end this blog post so,
here's some retarded pictures of myself with my current hair !

Bye people !

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